Updated Builder Mirror: Guest Highlight

 Here is another great updated builder mirror upgrade from, {Show & Tell} go check out her awesome-ness!


Recently i decided to change up my 1/2 bathroom just a little.  I had a cute old 4 pane window above the toilet that i put different fabric in each of the panes, but since i repainted the bathroom a while ago it just wasn’t working.  And i totally could of just changed out the fabric but i was ready for a change, and plus i wanted to make a book wreath (like everyone else, i know) and this was a good spot to put it!
Before..(the walls are not this color at all, they are a light “mocha” color – don’t know what happened with this pic?)
laundryroom 011
Then i made a book wreath – sorry no pictures of the “making” of said wreath – but just google it and they are everywhere 🙂
laundryroom 022 
I really like the wreath but it needs something, i think maybe it needs to look like its hanging from something – the “fake hang” – i don’t know, but i’m crafty like that so i will figure it out 🙂 and as soon as i do i will post a pic – for sure.  In real life it really doesn’t look there is a mile between the mirror and the toilet – just so ya know 🙂
laundryroom 024 
laundryroom 023
The wreath is super fun and SUPER HUGE (you think i like the word super?!)  I used a 14 in styrofoam wreath form and then just a standard size book, so by the time i got all the pages on it was HUGE – seriously.  But i love it…the only thing i did different than a lot of the tutorials is that i fanned the pages and then used a teeny little pin to stick the pages to the wreath, along with hot glue (the hot glue was taking to long to dry and i am impatient).
laundryroom 010
laundryroom 033
Across from the toilet is the sink/vanity – and yes you can look at yourself in the mirror, fix your hair, whatever it is that you may want to do all while your doing your thing 🙂
This was also another standard builder mirror that i framed up (you can see the last one here).  I didn’t take a before pic – sorry.
laundryroom 036
I went with a really simple frame, just 4 pieces of MDF and then a little piece of crown to finish it off.  I sanded all the edges before gluing it to the builder mirror.
laundryroom 037 
When i re-did this bathroom i put up bead board panels about 3/4 of the way up the walls and painted them with a semi gloss white.
laundryroom 018 
laundryroom 020
And for the little kiddies that like to check themselves out in the mirror, i found this $2 stool @ the DI and painted it white, sanded it and stamped it with some leftover paint from my room – very cute
laundryroom 021
So, that’s another room in my house, still a couple of things that i need to do, and i still don’t like the paint color but that’s another project for another day 🙂

Nice Job!
I really need to tackle 
my little powder room. 

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  1. >Love that mirror, I like how she used the crown on top, might have to use this idea 🙂

  2. >I love how the mirror frame is so chunky and the contrast of the black against the white bead board. Wonderful job!