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Well memorial day weekend was so nice.

It was a four day weekend- I love Justin’s new work schedule. He had Friday off, and immediately got working on the chicken coop. This has been a frustrating project because whenever he actually has a day off, it is almost always used up before he gets it, with namely scouts and some other randoms. But, the situation is getting to be a little desperate because the chicks NEED a home and so it has to be finished. They are growing like weeds, and we can’t keep buying them new intermediate homes…. So, that is all for the frustration in my life, it is ebbing away too, we are finally almost done.

Saturday was SO MUCH FUN! My friend Emily threw Etta’s and my baby shower. YEAH! It was so fun (blog to come, I need the pictures first, so send them if you have them! Please!) so that is all I will say about that.

Sunday was pretty normal. I did get a new church calling/assignment as the Laurel advisor (I teach the 16-17 and some 18 year old (til graduation) girls their Young Women lessons on Sunday, it is like Sunday school, for your age group). I am totally psyched about this! I love teaching, and I love that age. (and is it okay that I love that it is a Sunday calling? There is prepping the lesson yes, but otherwise- Wahoo! this is a big relief)

Monday Justin and I both worked all day on the coop. I caulked all the cracks on the moldings and trim and painted, while he was just ahead of me putting it all on. I have the two front sides basically done, we are installing the front door tonight. And I will be out caulking and painting the back today- I really should get out there while it is nice a cool.

Otherwise it is the 26th today. I am due July 29th! That means almost exactly two months. We have reached the countdown stage. I am starting to get really big!!! Etta can almost kick me in the ribs (they are pretty high up there in my body) Right now she is contenting herself to kicking me “somewhere ouchy” in the upper right hand “corner” of my body- who knows where my organs actually are or what she is kicking.

Lately, Justin and I often find ourselves breaking into song. “Etta, Etta bo betta, banana fanna….” or a chant of “She likes to move it, move it, she likes to move it, move it.” Both are occasionally joined in dance.

We are getting so excited!

We ran to Sonic for dinner – I know, healthy, right? I got a kids meal, that at least is smaller? Anyway, I was thinking, in a few months we will have a car seat all hooked up in the back, witha baby in it- wahoo! I mentioned this to Justin and we both just took in a deep breathe, (of anticiaption, not fear) It is just starting to feel more real. We really do have a baby on the way.

Other people reading this may be like- duh, you’ve been showing for months. But to me, the whole experience has been so surreal. Like something is coming, that is you are throwing up constantly, and belch like a sailor, why your hips hurt, and you can’t sleep on your stomach anymore. But what that something is… we’ll never know.

All this time has been counting up and now we are finally counting down. Maybe I should go make a paper chain- it’s like counting down the days til we get to go to Disneyland. After 8 years of waiting, we finally only have two months, and that is not bad!

And the best part, I think is that I have finally allowed myself to imagine hanging out with MY child. Like laying on my bed and cooing at her, while she stares blankly back- until she learns how to smile. Holding her like a little curled up bunny on my shoulder and patting her little diapered behind. Or giving her a warm bath, and cleaning all that crud stuck in her neck, (gross I know, but true). Or loving those cute little chubby baby thighs- isn’t that the best part of babies, their little thunder thighs. Or sneaking in just one last time to look at her little sleeping face and watch her belly rise and fall. I could go on and on.

**Although, I know from the warnings in my dreams, that I want a baby not a monkey so I’ll wait til she’s fully cooked before I demand to see her!

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Cassity Kmetzsch started Remodelaholic after graduating from Utah State University with a degree in Interior Design. Remodelaholic is the place to share her love for knocking out walls, and building everything back up again to not only add function but beauty to her home. Together with her husband Justin, they have remodeled 6 homes and are working on a seventh. She is a mother of four amazing girls. Making a house a home is her favorite hobby.

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  1. >We are so excited for you! I think the closer you are the more real it gets. She will be here soon and you will get to hold her in your arms and never let her go! Let me know what is a good time to meet and get some baby stuff. I don’t have your phone #. 🙁 It will be a little emotional on my end but I know I am giving them to the right hands.

  2. >Where did you get all the cute Paper Lanterns? I would love to buy some for my house!!!

    thanks! Tonya (Denise Routson’s sister)

  3. >Tonya-

    I hope that you get this forwarded to you, cuz I am not blog savvy enough to respond to you any other way…

    (this is form the baby room sneak peek blog if anyone else is wondering) The large white lantern I got at Ikea, for a really decent price, I wanna say under $10.00 leaning towerd 5.00.

    The colored blue and green, I got at Target in the dollar bins around Christmas, so they aren’t necessarily available anymore. (I have seen other colored paper lanterns at World Market before, not sure on price)

    The polka-doted, really small ones I just purchased (3-4 weeks ago) at Walmart in their outdoor/seasonal area, it comes with a string of lights, to hang in your yard, I just am not using the string of lights.

    Lastly the eyelet lanterns I also found at Walmart. They are Martha Stewart and in the party/bridal and scrapbook area.

    Hope that helps, and that you get this info! I will jump over to Denise’s blog see if you have a blog link!

  4. >Hi Cassity,

    My wife & I saw your post on the SHS 99 reunion site and wanted to say hi to our fellow DFWers. Where do you guys live? I am finishing up medical school in Dallas. Send me an email agminer@gmail.com

    Andrew & Callie Miner