Laundry Redo with Cabinets and More

Laundry Redo with Cabinets and More

contributed by Sabby In Suburbia

And That’s A Wrap!

Well, I’m happy to report that I’ve finally finished our Laundry/Mudroom Redo.  Actually, I finished before Christmas, as planned, but things happen… 
Like Christmas. New Years. Major door replacement. 
Yes, we had to replace the exterior door in the laundry room because it was so drafty that it was like having a non-existing window open!!!   Brrrrr!
That was messy, so I waited to share my “After” summary.
What a change a few months can make! (You can read about my little laundry room journey herehere and here.)
And just to remind you of what it looked like when I started….
BEFORE – Blah, boring and unorganizedIMG_5021
AFTER – Fresh, clean and put together!IMG_6426
The transformation from paint alone was amazing (Behr called Aqua Smoke).  Once we hung up the new fresh white cabinets from Ikea, things really took shape.
The cabinets allowed for SO much storage.  I actually have room to spare…for now.

The Bjarnum rack fit nicely the on the wall perpendicular to the washer and dryer, replacing the old white wire shelving.IMG_6418

So shiny.  So pretty.  SOOOOOO looks like it’s not level in this picture, but I promise it’s level in person.  Cross my heart. 
The new lighting really brightens the room up too!I might add some vinyl decal wall art under the rack for some interest in the near future.  Maybe one of the cute laundry sayings….or maybe something calming??  Ideas anyone?
This bench was a cinch to assemble and it fits perfectly between the new tall cabinet and shoe storage.   A little room left to the right for the hubby’s laptop case.
These baskets were hidden under piles of clearance items at Home Goods and I snatched them up for $5 each!  We’re using them to store winter accessories for now.  One for the kiddos and one for the parents.
Then I hung the hook rack over the bench. 
I was going to take the coats out for the picture, but then I thought…It’s WINTER….It’s winter in CHICAGO! 
Reality = Heavy Duty parkas!
Here are some other little changes… 
I reused the stackable shoe storage that we bought a few years ago because…well, it works.  I posted about making some “calming” artworkfor this busy room too.
This small space between the washer and dryer is the perfect spot for my folding step ladder.
Yes, we still use plastic bags and the bag saver works well to keep them all tidy and ready to be reused. 
The wall mounted mop/broom holder is one of my favorite new finds.  It’s a great way to keep things off the floor and in one spot and can also be used to hang dry the wet mop.
A few weeks after finishing the room, I added a few vinyl decals here and there.
They really finished off the room.
So what do you think?  Are you as in LOVE as I am with my new space?  I have to say that it sure does make laundry time a lot more enjoyable and everything has its own place.  Which allows me to breathe again.  Ahhhhhhh.  
No kidding. 
Wait, that’s kind of sad to admit huh?  Oh, well.  I’m a sucker for organization and label makers.  😉
I’m off to do some laundry!
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  1. >Fabulous! Love all that storage and that wall color! I wish I had so much space! Where did you find the mop/broom holder that you have mounted on the wall? I'd love to get one for my small laundry closet. I need all the space savers I can find!

  2. >Pamela~ I'll chime in here that I found mine at Walmart. I think it was like $7 and its a true spacesaver and keeps everything up off the ground and organized. I love it!

  3. >Thanks Sarah!!! I got one! I'm so excited to get it up. I only have a laundry closet so this is going to be a HUGE help!!!!

  4. >What a great room now. I love the whole look. Tell me where you got that wonderful bench. I need one for my back bathroom redo. Doesn't everyone need a place to sit when you dry your toes?
    Great job and great presentation.