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Recently, I thought it would be fun to create a post about the different design and decor elements that seem to be gaining momentum.  I found so many fun examples of the things on my trending list…plus discovered a few more hot items…that I decided this stuff was just too good for one post.  Keep watching for more “Trending Now” topics to come as I pinpoint the things we’re loving right now in blogland.

Today’s trend:  Nature.  Right now, organic shapes, natural elements, and animals are all decor and fashion favorites.    We’re looking with fresh eyes at favorite silhouettes and colors from 30-40 years ago.  Check out this trends that have their roots in nature, but give a big nod to mid-century modern art, design, and textiles.

 Nature Trend Pin Pic


Remember when all we wanted to do was “put a bird on it‘?  Well, now we’re getting more specific, focusing our efforts on specific breeds.  The owl trend probably got started with our penchant for thrift shopping and all things vintage.  As soon as someone realized that those ugly ceramic owls from the 1970’s could be transformed with a coat of spray paint, we were ready to get on board.  

Teal and Lime owl makeover

Ceramic Owl | Teal and Lime

Remodelaholic owl pillow

Owl Pillow | Remodelaholic

Geraldine Adams owl picture

Owl Print | Geraldine Adams

Abigail Edwards owl wallpaper

Owl Wallpaper | Abigail Edwards


The appearance of owls is much humbler than this other trendy bird, the magnificent peacock.  Since jewel tones are the colors du jour in textiles, peacocks are an obvious match.  Their gorgeous plumage has interesting graphic qualities, too.  

Zujava peacock bedroom

Peacock Bedroom | Zujava 

Anthropologie peacock couch

Peacock Settee | Athropologie

Houzz peacock wallpaper

Peacock Wallpaper | Houzz

Touch of Class peacock rug

Peacock Feather Rug | Touch of Class

Inside Avenue peacock pillow

Pillow with Peacock Design | Inside Avenue


When in doubt, we’re simplifying with feathers  instead of an entire bird.  Feathers are another natural element that designers–especially graphic designers–have started producing more of for us to enjoy in our homes.  

West Elm white feathered wreath

White Feathered Wreath | West Elm

Hampton Reeds feather gift tag

Feathered Gift Tag | Hampton Reeds

Houzz feather pillow

Feather Pillow | Houzz

Down That Little Lane green feather pillow

Green Feather Cushion | Down That Little Lane



Animals with horns and antlers are soooo 2012…2013 is the year of the fox!  I’m not sure what it is that we love so much about these little critters, but I have a feeling their orange and brown coloring has something to do with it, along with the fact that a fox has such an artistically interesting face to reproduce.  

Anthro fox dish towel

Fox Dish Towel | Anthropologie

Etsy little fox print

Little Fox Print | Etsy

Uncommon Goods hidden animal mugs

Hidden Animal Mugs | Uncommon Goods

Ebay fox purse

Fox Purse | Ebay


This is one trend that is growing on me…ha ha!  We’re really starting to get a hang of the concept reduce, reuse, recycle with this trend, proving that we’re willing to see beauty in what would have once been thrown away.

Nesting Place stump side table

Stump Side Table | Nesting Place

Decoist tree stump vases

Tree Stump Vases | Decoist

 17 Apart stump table

DIY Stump Table | 17 Apart

Love Meagan gold stumps

Gold Painted Stumps | Love Maegan

Jenny's Hus stumps on casters

Stumps on Casters | Jenny’s Hus

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