25 + Bedrooms for Teen Boys


25 + Ideas: Bedroom for Teen BoysTeen Boys Bedroom Ideas, From Remodelaholic

Decorating a nursery? A girls’ room? A playful space for a little boy? Or are you getting ready to give your teen girl’s bedroom a sophisticated makeover? Well, you’re in luck. You’ll find thousands of inspiration images for those rooms. Carry on!

But….if you happen to be planning a room for a teen or tween boy…let me warn you: finding examples of good design for these guys is a little bit like finding a snow leopard in the wild. You’ll be searching for a while. Not having any teenage boys myself, I’m not sure why this is. Is it because they don’t want anyone to interfere with their space? Because their rooms are never clean enough to be photographed? Are moms of teen sons too busy keeping the fridge stocked to blog about their bedroom decor? Or are we under the impression that there’s nothing interesting about rooms for teen boys because ruffles and pom-poms aren’t going to be part of the scheme? Well, if that last scenario is the case, let me call it out for the myth it is. I’ve been on the hunt for terrific design in teen boys rooms, and–even though I had to look high and low–I’ve found some pretty awesome examples of bedrooms for teen boys. Enjoy!


Design Mom napoleon dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite Room (GOSH!) | Design Mom

71 Toes gray and green room

Big Picture Bedroom | 71 Toes

The Bumper Crop hanging beds

Hanging Beds for Three | The Bumper Crop

Bedrooms for teen boys

Loft Bedroom | Houzz
Country Living barn bedroom

Barn Studio Bedroom | Country Living

Cleverly Inspired gray and orange room

Gray and Orange Room | Cleverly Inspired at Remodelaholic

Just a Girl pallet wall room

Pallet Wall Bedroom | Just a Girl

Less Cake More Frosting surfing room

Surfer Bedroom | Less Cake More Frosting at Remodelaholic

It All Started with Paint orange and black room

Orange, Gray, and Black Geometry | It All Started with Paint

Today's Creative Blog colorful room

Colorful Room with Honeycomb Shelves | Today’s Creative Blog

Bedrooms for teen boys

Custom Bookcase and Beds | Houzz
Atlanta Homes Magazine vintage boy room

Hobo Style Bedroom | Atlanta Homes Magazine

Simplicity in the South vintage industrial room

Vintage Industrial Bedroom with Desk | Simplicity In the South

Bedrooms for teen boys

Pallet Headboard and Sign Collage | Houzz

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Ideas For Teen Boy Bedrooms, From Remodelaholic

We love hearing from fellow Remodelaholics, so let us know what you like about this and leave any questions below in the comments. If you've followed a tutorial or been inspired by something you've seen here, we'd love to see pictures! Submit pictures here or by messaging us over on Facebook.

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  1. I have 2 young boys (2 and 5 months) and I actually love a bunch of these ideas for them. I’m not big on “themes”, so some of these are so perfect!!

  2. Isn’t this perfect? I have two boys and although they are only 8 and 6, I am already thinking ahead – I like Max’s room from 71 toes.

  3. I have 5 boys, the oldest is 17, then we have a 13 year old, an 11 year old, and a six year old that all share a room at the moment because the youngest ( who is 4) has to sleep downstairs. I am trying to decorate it in a way that the older kids will love and keep all of thier stuff where it goes. But also keep it fun Enough for the six year old. Btw the room is 25’x 27′ it isn’t like they are cramped and sharing beds. But it doesn’t have a closet. Someone tell me that either I am nuts, or that it can be done.

    1. Lyz,
      I think it can be done. I would not do any sort of a themed room because of the age differences between the boys. Instead I would focus on great color and textures that boys would like. Not neon, or you will get a headache just walking in there.

      Since the room is so big I would use furniture with lots of storage between beds instead of nightstands. So each kids has a storage dresser for stuff and not just a dresser/armoire for clothes. I would probably paint all the closet furniture in the room the same color as the walls, to help them disappear a bit, in my head I am seeing orange, it sounds cool… Of course this is all just thinking out loud. I would need to see the space to really know what I would do but at least you have some ideas.

      I think it can be done. Find some pictures of kids rooms with multiple kids in the space and pick and choose what features of the room you like and what you don’t.

      p.s. I would suggest building in a closet, I don’t think it would be that hard, you obviously have the space and it might save your life…

  4. My son is 10 years old and likes dragons (specifically 2 dragons from Pokemon Black and White, but dragons in general. I’m not sure where to go with this. I haven’t been able to find any bedding that I think will work, and I don’t want something that I’ll have to redo in a year or two. Anyone have ideas?

  5. i like it but i need to know how much capital needed to get room like that.please i need to know

  6. In the small collage photo there is a room at the very top with a stained barnwood style wall behind it and a orange comforter across the bottom of the bed. I couldn’t find it in the slides. Which one is that?

  7. This post is right on time!!! I am in the process of re-decorating my boys room (ages 6 and 3) and am having a time finding ideas that aren’t too “theme-y”. I repainted the room and their dresser in varying shades of blue so that they will go with everything but now I’m stuck!

  8. Hi! I’d like to know where I could buy the flooring for the mini basketball court? My son would adore that! 🙂

    1. Isn’t that such a fun idea? I wish I knew where to find it, but I don’t 🙁 You could see if the original source (linked below the photo) has any information, though.