Ninja Destruction

We had a day of visiting friends.

I hung out with my best friend from High School, Carly. I forgot to take pictures, urgh. Her kids are So adorable! It was fun to hang out, not to mention she gave me a huge bag of clothes that she was getting rid of… Hello Christmas! She has great taste and I love it all! THANKS CAR!

Justin went to lunch at Tuchanos (spell?). It is a Brazilian meat place that is SO good. He met his friends Dave, Warner and Jason. I think he said they ate for like 2 hours….

That night we “moved” to the other grandparents house, and visited Nate and Brianne. This is Justin’s best friend from the time they were in diapers… I should have scanned the picture! Nate has 3 soon to be 4 girls. They are adorable, precocious little talkers- I LOVE them!

(The whole family are Utes fans through and through. The girls love it too. While talking to their parents, Justin mention B.Y.U., can’t remember why,

Kenna responded immediately “Don’t say that around me”… it was hilarious)

They taught us how to play a fun group game that Nate uses in his seminary classes,

called Ninja destruction. (a little hard to explain)

First you bow to your opponents,

Then strike a ninja pose,
To play, your goal is to hit the other people’s hand. You can only move one hand, they can move their hand to get away, it was hilarious to watch (especially the 4 year old who eventually won!)
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  1. >i broke a toe playing this game! no joke! hehe. my sister jammed my toe back by kicking me with her foot (not on purpose), and it chipped off a few piece of bone on my pointer toe. ouch! that's why i call it toe destruction now. hehe. loving looking through your blog, hope you don't mind!