Not a good morning.

Warning: you may want to check the blinds around your house, for your families safety- read the following story to understand.

Yesterday, I woke up before Etta did. It was nice a quiet rainy day morning. I sat and ate my whole wheat Chex cereal in perfect peace and quiet. When I was done, I heard her Etta waking. I walked in and we smiled at cooed at each other for a minute of two. After picking her up, we headed to the front room so I could feed her, and that is when I heard Kitty crying, in a strange talking sort of way, upstairs.

Now, I should explain that this is a normal happening. Kitty will cry out, really vocally and loudly, several times until we answer her. But this time, I felt a really urgent need to go check on her. It just didn’t seem right. I am SO thankful for that warning in my heart from the Spirit.

I rushed up the stairs but didn’t see her immediately. I head toward her favorite hang out, which is behind the drapery in the corner. As I approached I could see something was wrong with her, she was not sitting normally. When I get close enough to see her from around the sofa, the most horrific sight met my eyes. There is my cat strangling in the blind cords! She was hanging there by the neck in the cords.

I quickly deposited Etta on the couch and leapt over the sofa to Kitty. I scooped her up in my arms and began unwinding the cords from around her tiny body and throat. She was obviously really upset and struggling against me. I got half of the cords off quickly ands easily but the others were knotted so tightly that I couldn’t get them off her. Every time I tried to loosen them she would cry but I couldn’t get them off. I had to pull up the blind to give her more slack, set her on the floor and run to get a pair of scissors. It was so tight I could almost not get the scissors underneath it, and finally I was able to cut the blind cord off to get her free.

I am so thankful she is alive. Luckily not only was it around her neck but her body too, which I believe kept her from getting into more trouble.

Now, before you think I am a neglectful mother, I must say that I am pretty careful with my blind strings. When I moved into the house they were all huge knotted messes about 40 feet long. I have in time shortened every single blind to only the necessary length to let the blind down. Meaning, when the blind is down there is only about 4 inches of length left of the cords. Then, when the blind is pulled up I wrap the strings sailor style around 2 nails at the side of the window, under the drapery up about my head height. This keeps the cords from tangling, and now I know, much worse.

I know that there are warnings for children strangling in the cords, and that is why I shortened them and usually have them tied up. What if this had happened while we were gone? We just got back from vacation.

So a cautionary tip- Keep all cords up away from the kids, and tell everyone who may operate the blind to also wrap them up.

Now, if you have any love for your children and pets, please go check all your blind’s cords. I am certain that a child would have died if this had happened to them. I know they sell some little sailor things for blinds but if you don’t want to go out and buy those, do what I’ve shown below, all you need are two nails, a hammer and a rule that the cord ALWAYS be wrapped up when you raise the blind!

I most certainly never will forget again!

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  1. >I am so sorry that you had to wake up to this! I am glad it turned out okay though-poor Kitty! I am going to check all my cords today-thank you for the tips on how to make sure they are safe.
    I have to tell you that you inspired me to post some of the projects that I have done at my house. I always love to see your latest projects and tips. This new tip is one I will take to heart!

  2. >Ohhh, how traumatic for you both! That is the worst feeling in the world. Glad Kitty is ok, and hope your on the mend as well. So glad I scrolled a little further to see those cute pics of Kitty & Buddy! Love those little furry kids!