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If you took a poll asking people what area of their homes was the least organized, I’m confident that the winning answer would be closets. It’s so hard to keep such a small space both functional and organized, let alone pretty. That’s why we love this organized armoire! The perfect closet: stylish, organized, and full of fashion! Read on for our tips for creating this look in any closet. (image via Better Homes and Gardens)

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Get This Look - 6 Tips for an Organized Armoire via Remodelaholic

6 Tips for an Organized Armoire or Closet

1. Start with Good Bones

And by bones, I mean furniture bones, not skeletons in the closet (ha, so punny!). Find a great wardrobe at IKEA (like the one pictured) or another furniture store, or hit up Craigslist or thrift stores to find a sturdy piece that just needs a little extra elbow grease. If you own your home, building in the wardrobe to make a built-in closet makes it even more of a statement piece (plus adds some safety for kids and earthquakes). If you’re organizing an existing closet, evaluate the shelving for your needs — could additional shelves help keep your clothing organized better? If so, take a weekend and add a couple.

2. Gather Baskets

A good looking and sturdy basket is a great investment! Use baskets to corral socks and underwear or accessories like scarves and belts. And wire mesh drawers give a clean look without being too bulky, making the most of your space. We like these wire drawers and baskets of all styles: try polka dot, woven, and braided.

3. Use the Doors

The back of an armoire or closet door is the perfect spot for a memo board. Use it to hold photos, reminder notes, or, like the inspiration photo, printed copies of your favorite inspiration outfits from Pinterest! You could also dress up the doors using chalkboard paint or chalkboard vinyl like Janel used in her renter-friendly kitchen.

4. Back to Basics

Unless your wardrobe also leads to Narnia, your closet space will have limitations. Rather than packing every piece you own in the closet regardless of season, swap out your cold and warm weather clothing as needed. Bring the 1-year rule into play: if you haven’t worn it in the last year, donate or trash it. Get more tips for organizing your closet here on Tipsaholic.

5. Admire Yourself!

That’s right, every closet needs a mirror. In addition to checking out your outfit, a mirror helps reflect the light to make a room seem larger and brighter. Wardrobes often come with a built-in mirror, or you can easily add one with an over-the-door mirror like you can pick up at your local big box store — or build and frame one like we did (or tried to do) here.

6. Use Floor Space

Most of your hanging clothes won’t extend down to take up floor space, so put that space to use with a short tiered shelf for shoes. Pick one up for just a few bucks at your hardware store. Check out more ideas for organizing shoes here.

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Get This Look - Organized Armoire via Remodelaholic

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  1. Do you have a link to the exact wire baskets used in the original image? Or something of a similar style & same dimensions (I have this exact Ikea wardrobe and would love to find exactly what is pictured here).