Learn the Secrets of Home Organizers: 25 Items They’d Instantly Banish!

Have you ever looked around your home and felt like it’s spiraling out of control with clutter? You’re not alone! Let’s tackle this together, starting with a list of 25 items that are a breeze to part with. We’ll kick things off with the easy stuff and make decluttering a simple and satisfying task! Let’s start with the easy stuff!

Expired Food

Expired Food
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Professional organizers understand the importance of maintaining a clutter-free and hygienic environment. To kickstart this process, they prioritize disposing of expired or spoiled food items that are no longer safe for consumption. Remember, don’t make the mistake of not reading the expiration date.

Old Magazines and Newspapers

Newspaper Magazines
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Accumulating outdated reading materials can lead to visual clutter. Home organizers advocate for the removal of old magazines and newspapers to create more space and maintain an organized environment.

Broken Electronics

Old Computers
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Of course! Clearing electronic clutter is essential, and professional organizers recommend responsibly disposing of non-functional electronics such as old cell phones, chargers, or gadgets that are beyond repair.

Unused and Damaged Clothes

Old Clothes
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Wardrobe decluttering involves parting ways with clothes that no longer fit, are damaged, or haven’t been worn in years.

Old Shipping or Packaging Boxes:

Old Boxes
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Professional organizers advocate for recycling those Amazon boxes today!

Excessive Paperwork

Excessive Paperwork
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Sorting through paper and discarding old bills, receipts, and unnecessary documents helps maintain a clutter-free workspace.

Unused or Duplicate Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Drawer
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Organizers recommend keeping only essential kitchen tools and donating or discarding duplicates or items seldom used.

Worn-out Linens

Old Towels2
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Professional organizers suggest letting go of worn-out or mismatched linens to create a more streamlined and organized linen closet.

Expired Medications

Expired Medication
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Discarding expired or unused medications promotes safety and keeps the medicine cabinet free of clutter.

Outgrown Toys

Old Toys
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Organizers advise donating or disposing of toys that children have outgrown to maintain an organized play area.

Broken Furniture

Broken Furniture
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Non-functional or damaged furniture should be discarded responsibly to create a more spacious and organized living environment.

Unidentified Cables and Wires

Old Wires
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Organizers recommend recycling unidentified or excess cables and wires that no longer serve a purpose.

Half-Empty Cleaning Products

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Streamlining cleaning supplies by getting rid of almost empty or expired products helps maintain a tidy cleaning area.

Unused or Broken Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment
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Organizers encourage disposing of exercise equipment that’s no longer in use or has become non-functional.  This can possibly be a way to make some extra cash too.

Expired Makeup and Toiletries

Old Makeup
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Keeping makeup and toiletries beyond their expiration dates can lead to clutter in the bathroom, so organizers suggest clearing them out regularly.

Outdated Home Decor

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Letting go of outdated or broken home decor items can create a fresh and updated living space.

Unread Books

Old Books
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Clearing out unread books that are unlikely to be read helps create a more organized bookshelf or library.

Excess Office Supplies

Office Supplies
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Organizers advise keeping office supplies to a minimum and discarding unused or duplicate items.

Unused Craft Supplies

Craft Supplies Paint
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Crafters should consider donating or disposing of craft supplies that have been sitting unused for a long time.

Broken or Unused Garden Tools

Garden Tools In Garage
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Clearing out broken or unused garden tools helps maintain an organized gardening area.

Expired Batteries

Old Batteries
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Keeping expired batteries can lead to confusion and even start fires, so organizers suggest disposing of them properly.

Excessive Plastic Containers

Plastic Bottles
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Organizers recommend decluttering the kitchen by discarding excess or mismatched plastic containers.

Unused Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment
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Letting go of unused sports equipment creates more space and promotes an organized garage or storage area.

Excessive Mugs and Cups

Coffee Mugs
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Organizers encourage keeping only essential mugs and cups and donating or discarding the rest.

Old and Dusty Decorative Items

Old Decorative Items
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Clearing out old, dusty, or unused decorative items helps create a cleaner and more visually appealing living space.

Make sure to incorporate these straightforward decluttering steps into your routine, and you’ll be well on your way to a more organized and serene living space.

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