Ottoman Empire;

Updated Ottoman idea from

 This old ottoman (below) has doubled as a stool during the 2 year long renovation of our home. It’s covered in joint compound and paint splatters, giving evidence of its obvious misuse. No doubt it is time for a major 
 I could have striped the old fabric and opted for a complete overhaul, but I chose to create an “oh, so easy” slip cover! First, I chose scrap pieces of fabric and laid them out over the ottoman changing their positions until I was pleased with the look.
Next I used chalk to outline exactly where the fabric hit the edge of the ottoman. Then I cut the fabric leaving about 1 inch of play.
 Then I sewed. . . .OK, OK, I used the fusible iron-on tape! BUT, I will sew it all together eventually. . . probably. . . maybe. 🙂 Anyway I “attached” it all together.

After everything was secure, I placed the “top” back on the ottoman. Last, I took a strip of the brown fabric and wrapped it around the ottoman using pins and the extra 1 inch play to secure the top of the slipcover to the “skirt.” Since I was using the fusible tape I found it easier to iron the fabric together a few inches at a time WHILE it was still on the ottoman.Finally I painted the legs white and distressed them a bit.

And there you have it, an updated ottoman idea, furniture practically for FREE!

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  1. >I just stumbled across your blog, and I am so excited by your ideas!! My husband and I are in the process of moving across the country, and I am hoping to do quite a bit of remodeling once we get out there. . . The ottoman is amazing!!! :]