Surprising Find; Sewing Machine Drawer

I love this little decorating re-use.  Kelli of Random Thoughts of a Supermom, found tow old sewing table drawers and restored, revamped and re-purposed them!  You go girl!

A few months ago, I found a few really awesome things at a resale store that was going out of business. You may remember the $5 school desk and the fork & spoon set. Well, I also picked up two antique sewing machine drawers. Strange purchase I know, but I just loved the details and the quirkiness of them!
This is what I started with. Check out all those great details! But some of the details were loose, and some of them were completely broken off. So I got out the Gorilla Glue to fix them.
I applied a thin layer of the glue to the broken piece and to the spot on the drawer where it was supposed to be.
Apparently my layer wasn’t quite thin enough, because this is what it looked like when I came back to check and see if it was dry. No big deal though. I just used a screwdriver to break away the extra foamy stuff and sanded it down a little bit. Though if you use this kind of Gorilla Glue, they aren’t kidding when they say use a thin layer! I painted the drawer with a coat of Krylon Bahama Sea spray paint. {Sorry about the upside down shot}
And then coated it with a layer of white spray paint.
After the paint dried, I sanded the drawer to make the details really pop. I love the little piece on the end that the Gorilla Glue helped me save.
And I love the {very subtle} bits of blue that you can see where I sanded off the white paint.
Now I just have to decide what to put inside the drawer. I think some fake grass would be really cute and add a nice pop of green in the room.
I found some Faux Grass and added it to the drawer. I’m loving it! What do you think?!?

I love the detail, and I love the creativity 
to see these as a decorators item!
Great Job!  What do you all think?

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  1. >I love what you did with this old drawer! I recently saw some old desk drawers at an antique store like this and thought they would be really cool to add to my home. I didn't buy them then but i've been thinking about going back to get some. I didn't think to paint it though. Yours looks awesome!

  2. >WOW that turned out gorgeous! I'm embarassed to say that I've had that exact experience with Gorilla glue too! Loving the faux grass! Wonderful job.

  3. >This is a great project! I would love to try this and maybe line the drawer with some kind of loaf pan or something waterproof and plant some real cat grass. Thanks for sharing your creativity!