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I talked to you a few weeks ago about how Justin and I were wanting to build a house sometime this year, and SURPRISE.. we bought a fixer upper instead.  We’ve got a whole lot to do, you can see some of what we are doing on Instagram!

Trying to figure out all the finishes can be overwhelming!!   Since I like to play around with the interior of my home so much I want to make sure that the exterior is set to begin with!  So, I thought I would partner with GAF Roofing today to talk about roofing choices.  And I’ve had a lot of fun surfing through the great roofing options.  There are beautiful options available and I thought I would show you four of those options today!

If you are in the market for new roofing, be sure to head over to this fun style guide on GAF roofing’s website.  It is interesting to see how a lifestyle could be interpreted into a roofing product.  For example, if you are into sports and a rugged style, try this  Grand Canyon(R) and Grand Sequoia(R) shingle style…


I LOVE this idea for helping someone determine their style!

 I really think that if you pick the right style of roofing to compliment your home’s style that it will make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home.

For example my first home, where we lived and learned to love remodeling, was a basic Cape Cod style home and SO much of the roof was visible.  Unfortunately for us, the roofing color was very outdated and we couldn’t afford to replace it, so we just had to deal with the look.  If we could have chosen something more neutral, and stylish I think that the roof would have actually made our house more appealing overall.  So don’t underestimate the importance of the look of your shingle!

Okay, so let’s look at some shingle styles:

First Timberline(R) American Harvest(TM):

Timberline_American_Harvest_Cedar_Falls_Home (1)



This shingle is great for homes with larger more visible roofs because it offers a lot of subtle color blends to break up a vast space.   The colors are designed to complement your home’s exterior color scheme, and will give you that modern architectural style you want!   Its custom color palette, features contrasting colors that are designed to enhance your home’s exterior and give it unexpected depth and beauty. Bonus, this roofing has received the Women’s Choice Award and the Good Housekeeping Seal, and Timberline (R) Shingle Family is the #1-selling shingle in all of North America.

Sienna (R):

Sienna Harbor Mist House Phot

Sienna Heirloom Brown shingle swatc

This shingle is SO neat!  I love how well it works for a Victorian style home (or an adorable cottage!)   These are the Sienna(R) Shingles, and I love how their unique diamond shape is such a fun alternative to standard architectural shingles.  They come in some great color options to complement virtually any exterior color scheme.  These Sienna(R) Shingles offer the beauty of a luxury designer shingle…but an incredibly affordable price – just pennies-a-day more than standard architectural shingles!!




Close up photo of GAF's Woodland Castlewood Gray shingle swatch

These have the stylish look of hand-cut shingles!  Woodland(R) Shingles combine rustic charm with 21st-century style that will make your home look spectacular.   I love the dimension that the dark shadowing gives to the overall look of the roof.


Finally, when I was looking through the style guides on the GAF website I found this and it really does feel like home to me!



So,  my personal favorite shingle style: Camelot (R)

Camelot_Sheffield_Black_Photo_2 GAF_Camelot_Williamsburg_Slate

I love the added dimension the stacked shingle gives!  This color especially, the Camelot(R) Williamsburg Slate – Swoon!  It is so awesome!  It looks just like what it is named for, Slate!   But without the high cost, since budget is such an important concern for us!

What shingles are your favorite?

This post contains a paid endorsement of GAF, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. We actually just re-roofed our house in the Sienna charcoal. We have a home built in 1883 and these were perfect. All of my neighbors love it!!

  2. Some wonderful examples of what an impact your roof can have on the finish of your property. I’m also so very pleased that you included shingles within your collection, as these are a great roofing material for almost any property type.

    When selecting your roofing materials, do pay close attention to whether they can be used on the same pitch/slope of your roof. Whilst many of the images above feature high pitches, you can’t use many roof shingles on pitches below 10°. The same can be said for many other roofing materials, such as slate tiles.

    Whilst it may seem like a small detail, if you use a roofing material on a pitch lower than what it was designed for you may find that water pools. This can end in a truly dreadful leak, which will cost a lot.

    As always, thank you for inspiring me and the team I work alongside. These are truly wonderful examples of roofing projects that have a huge impact on a properties style and ultimately its value too.