Pin Head Project Party #1

Welcome to the Monthly Pin-head Project Party!
Okay people let’s do this little link party.  I am not planning on a tutorial here (sorry)… I simply do not have time right now.  We are working on a project with HouseLogic that has a deadline, and we have been up many late hours… and still just scraping by.  But hopefully we will be done soon… and on time! But the good news, is that I have found some free audio books online to keep me busy while I was painting, and caulking, and sanding…
But this project has nothing to do with paint… so lets get right down to it.  My project, this chevron blanket comes from a post I pinned from mmmcrafts…  Let me ‘splain… With my first born, Etta, I had a lot of time on my hands and getting quilts crocheted and dresses made was easy.  Now with two girls… and this blog.  I haven’t made much for my second daughter, Lydia.. so I decided that this project would be for her.
I thought it would be fun to make a quilt.  And I have been loving the chevron pattern (who doesn’t?)… So, I made here a little chevron quilt.  I know that it will be fully dated in about 5 years(both colors and style), but I love it right now, and that is all that matters.  (besides, maybe when she has children of her own it will be retro?!)
I am a lazy seamstress so it isn’t prefect, and I haven’t finished quilting it…but it looks cute, so i happy.
What do you think of the chevron balnket?
Okay so I also have an addiction to pinning (and making) dessert recipes
and so far I have tried my fair share, but the most recent and favorite one is this:
They are fast easy and perfect!
I made some the first day and then stuck the dough in the fridge, they were even better the next day since the dough didn’t melt out so much… so the verdict is, the longer the dough is in the fridge the better…

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