Pipe Cleaner Wreath Ornaments, Day 2

Have some cardboard lying around?  Have some little helpers?  This is the prefect thing to do with them!!

I think it is fun when I can have my very young daughter’s help me with crafts for decorating!  They love to help and it just adds the the excitement of the whole season.   Also it is great to be able to make simple handmade ornaments when I am vegging out watching a show after the kids are in bed… it is as good as therapy!!   


These easy pipe cleaner wreath ornaments can be done quickly and easily!

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Simple Mini Pipe Cleaner Wreath Ornaments:


Cardboard (an old cereal box is ideal)

Pipe cleaners in different color

Optional Decorative items: Ribbon,  beads, felt, stickers…



1. To begin, you need to cut out a small “O” out of cardboard.  Trace two circles onto your cardboard.  The outside should be about 3-4″ in diameter.   The one inside, will be offset inside of the outside line about 1″ to 1 1/2″ inches(see image).  Cut out the ring of cardboard.

Pipe Cleaner Chirstmas Wreath ornament tutorial Pipe Cleaner Chirstmas Wreath ornament tutorial-2
Pipe Cleaner Chirstmas Wreath ornament tutorial-3 Pipe Cleaner Chirstmas Wreath ornament tutorial-5

2. Wrap the “o” with your pipe cleaners in the color of your choice. The amount of pipe cleaners will vary depending on the size of your shape.  Start by crimping  a short end around the form (I did mine diagonally in the direction I was wrapping the pipe cleaners, so that it got covered.  And wrap till you need to add another.  Tuck all ends under the next course of pipe cleaners.

Pipe Cleaner Chirstmas Wreath ornament tutorial-6

Pipe Cleaner Chirstmas Wreath ornament tutorial-7

Pipe Cleaner Chirstmas Wreath ornament tutorial-8 Pipe Cleaner Chirstmas Wreath ornament tutorial-9
Pipe Cleaner Chirstmas Wreath ornament tutorial-10 Pipe Cleaner Chirstmas Wreath ornament tutorial-11

3.  Decorate your “wreaths! 

If you want to add ribbons, bows or other accessories, now is the time. 

4.Add hooks… and hang them where ever you like!

Pipe Cleaner Chirstmas Wreath ornament tutorial-12

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  1. After our Thanksgiving dinner, I helped the children make this simple craft. It kept them busy for a little
    while and they were pleased these would be placed on their grandparents Christmas tree. Thanks!