25 Best Handmade Christmas Ornaments

If you’ve spent any time here at Remodelaholic during the holidays, then you know at least one thing:  I love decorating for Christmas. This is going to sound crazy…but in my dreamworld, I’d get to pick a new Christmas decor theme every year and try out different colors and styles of ornaments!   In my real world, I have to stick to a budget and try to get a lot of use from the decorations I already have on hand.  If I want new ornaments, I have to make them myself.

And guess what?  Having handmade ornaments is pretty special.  I can’t wait for my girls to start bringing home little ornaments they’ve made at school and proudly hang them on the tree.  It’s really neat to use things we’ve made ourselves to celebrate such a joyful season.  That makes my real world pretty dreamy, after all.

I’m delighted to share some of my own favorite handmade ornaments with you today, along with some beautiful ornaments from around the web that have me itching to pull out the glue gun for this year’s round of Christmas Crafts. 


 Best Handmade Christmas Ornaments 2012 

Beaded Snowflake | Remodelaholic

 Glitter Snowflake | Centsational Girl

Simple Beaded Star | Remodelaholic

Puzzle Piece | Creature Comforts

 Criss-cross Oranment | Remodelaholic

Pom Pom | Craftaholics Anonymous

Modern Oranment | Remodelaholic

Lollipop | Craftaholics Anonymous

Paper Snowflake | Remodelaholic

Red and Teal Stars | Saidos del Concha


Origami Wreath | Remodelaholic

Yarn Wreaths | Christopher and Tia

Dancing Ladies | Remodelaholic

Jeanne d’Arc Stars | Wayside Treasures

 Scalloped Accordian Ornament | Remodelaholic

Clay Bird | Jessica Jane Handmade

Twiggy Tree | Michelle Made Me


Woven Ornament | Remodelaholic

Tissue Paper Glitter Disk | Crafterhours

Modern Paper Ornament | How About Orange

 Cube Ornament | Remodelaholic

Twine Ball | Bower Power

Felt Birds | HGTV

 Puffy Box Ornament | Remodelaholic

Crochet Snowflake | Happy Together

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  1. Do you sell your ornaments. I really love the ballerina. Please let me know how I can purchase that plus some other favorites?