Print-at-Home Instagram-Style Rainbow Collage

I am dying for spring to come in like a lion after all the snow we have had this winter!  And so when I was thinking about an amazing printable project to share with you all, I started thinking about where we were this time last year… in paradise at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii!  One of the first things we saw while checking in was this amazing collage.  I knew we had to try to create something like it at home.  The collage at Aulani features dozens of photos arranged in order of the colors of the rainbow that creates a stunning gallery wall.

Aulani Desk @remodelaholic 1

Aulani Desk @remodelaholic 3

With St. Patrick’s Day is on its way, which sometimes is a difficult holiday to decorate for since there aren’t many options beyond green shamrocks, we thought it was a perfect time to try out our rainbow collage.  So today we’ve partnered with Canon, we were able to create the perfect rainbow nod to St. Patrick’s Day with no green shamrocks in sight.  Better yet, it is so fun you could keep it up all year!

Rainbow Instagram Collage

The Canon PIXMA TS9020 was the best printer for the job!

Canon PIXMA TS9020 Rainbow Instagram Collage

It’s sleek and compact and just look at the amazing photos it printed!

Rainbow Instagram Collage

We wanted the collage to feel Instagram-esque, so we used Canon’s square 5×5″ glossy photo paper for all the photos, but you could use various sizes for another fun effect. The 5″ square paper is so nice because then you don’t have to trim it down from a full regular sized sheet — just print and you’re ready to go. And if you prefer your photos without the white borders, the TS series printers can print borderless 5×5″ photos, too.

Print At Home Instagram Rainbow Collage Wall Decor | Inspired by Disney's Aulani Resort |

We printed nature/landscape photos (from this site) like the ones at Aulani, but how fun would it be to do this with family photos? I think a collage of kids’ favorite toys in all the colors would be adorable in a playroom!

Rainbow Instagram Collage

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We tried arranging the photos a few different ways. For the first way, we used poster mounting clay (get some from Amazon) to mount most of the photos. Then strung a string between two thumbtacks and hung the rest of the photos from mini clothespins — ours were just under 2″ tall, or you could use a photo string clip set. This was so quick and easy, and the mounting clay made it super easy to get all the photos positioned the way we wanted.

Rainbow Instagram Collage

Rainbow Instagram Collage

We loved the look of the photos hanging from the clothespins so much that we decided to try hanging all the photos from clothespins.

Rainbow Instagram Collage

Rainbow Instagram Collage

Then, to go back to more of a collage look, we stacked the photos in closer together so that they overlapped a bit.

Rainbow Instagram Collage

Rainbow Instagram Collage

We just loved how this turned out. This wall is by far the most fun wall in the house now! What kind of photos will you print to do a rainbow collage with? What other fun ways can you think of to hang the photos or ways to arrange them? Share your pictures with us by tagging us on social media with #imaremodelaholic  and #craftywithcanon or share your pics here.

We are so happy to be working with Canon to show you fun and easy print-at-home projects.  Please help us share the word about these fabulous projects!  And if you’re looking for a great home printer, be sure to check out the new TS series — these printers are powerful but compact, plus they’ll look great in your home office!

Canon See Impossible Marketing Campaign 600x284

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