Quick Easter Wreath

Time for a new wreath… it is April after all, and truthfully my Valentine wreath is still up… okay so I took it down yesterday when I finished this little wreath.  I am pretty sure if you are on Pinterest you have seen this wreath… (the tutorial is quite clear from the pictures…)


spring wreath2


A few months ago when I first saw it, it had already been pinned a few thousand times.  I am pretty sure it is even more “pin-famous” now!


I personally loved the idea first cuz I thought it would be perfect for two holidays…. St Patrick’s Day with maybe a pot of gold, then switch the gold- for flowers and is it perfect for Spring/Easter.


So I made one.


I just *had* to buy the eyelash yarn with some metallic string woven through, so it might be a little gaudy for some peoples taste, but my two girls *LOVE* it… and that is what holiday decorating is all about!?! Right?!


For Easter I threw a few little chicks in.  And now every time I walk down the stairs with Lydia she gets super excited and starts “Bok-bok”-ing.


Before and after with the little chicks.

IMG_2850  IMG_2855

Things I learned.

I used an 18 inch straw form.

I only needed one skein of yarn. (I actually have a good sized balls left over) You don’t need to be so tight with this yarn so it lasts longer!

Don’t get too thick of a form because the yarn adds quite a bit of bulk. (at least an inch if not 2 in thickness)

The chicks are not permanent, so If I ever want to take them out I can easily.

IMG_2856  IMG_2858

IMG_2859  IMG_2868

IMG_2861  IMG_2862

IMG_2870  IMG_2871

IMG_2873  IMG_2875


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    1. Thanks! I think so too, but that is what makes it fun… I’ve never been very good at decorating for holidays but with such happy responses, it is definitely growing on me.

  1. Omgosh! This is so simple, beautiful, adorable, and your girls delight in exploring it, precious! I want to make one now!

  2. I have definite pinterest-y plans to make that wreath as well. Love love the idea to make the accessories removable for other holidays. Fantastic!