Refinished Rolling Office Chair

Refinished Rolling Office Chair
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As you read this I will most likely be busy working on some “Boss’s Day” cookie bouquets. I decided it would be a good time to have you check out my latest ABC Project (Anything but Cookies, for those that don’t know).

On my last “junkin” trip with my daughter Melissa, I spotted this beauty:

Whatcha think? It was a little worse for wear, but I could see it’s potential…in fact, I could see it sitting in front of my sewing machine! I checked the price.

A real “thrifter” probably would have thought it was too much, but I liked it and thought it was totally worth the $14.99! So I loaded up my little Cookie Monster (Taylor) on the chair and wheeled her around for the remainder of the Goodwill shopping trip (it was a sight to see, wish I would have thought to have Melissa take a pic!

So we go to check out, the man kindly asked me if I was a “senior”…now, a few years ago, or even six months ago, this would have really 
 me off made me mad, but the cold hard facts are, I will be just that in about 7 months, so I better start getting used to it! I laughed and KINDLY said no…he proceeded the checkout, looked at the price tag on the chair and said that because it was 1/2 off all “Week 37” tags, my chair was only $7.50. Whoo hoo, an even better deal! I could have kissed the guy!

So, I took my little treasure home and had it disassembled within an hour. Gave it a good wash, and headed to Hobby Lobby for some new fabric. I added a little extra batting to the seat to soften it up a little. I spray painted the chair black like most of the other pieces of furniture in my craft room (the sewing machine cabinet was my Mom’s so I am not making any changes to that). I thought about buying new caster rollers, but I could not find the same size so I just painted them as well. Put it back together and VOILA! 

Anyhoo, here is how it looks sitting in my little sewing corner.

Not bad for a total investment of about $16.00!

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  1. >just wondering if you sealed it with anything after painting? I want to do the same with our dining room chairs, you've inspired me!

  2. >I love it! What a great redo! I also love the "Sew What" in the corner. Thanks for sharing.

  3. >So cute. I love how you see potential in everything! I am learning to develop an eye for "remodels". I am pretty crafty, I just need to learn to use my imagination more. Thanks for all the ideas!! And I love it all when its on a budget!

  4. >Great chair! You always make me want to go off and do something remodely. The odd part is that I do these kinds of things because I'm not going to get them otherwise rather than liking the process. I'm about to redo my sewing room. I may have to steal a few ideas from your fabulous sewing den.

    Had to laugh about the "senior moment." I've gotten it a few times now–well deserved– and am torn between thinking, "damn, I look old" and "great, I'm gonna save some money!" The money part always wins;-}