Six Tips to Style Hair in Beachy Waves

Now it is the perfect time for styling hair in beachy waves. Follow these easy tips to look like you just had a day at the seashore. Six Tips to Style Hair in Beachy Waves via @tipsaholic #beach #beachywaves #waves #hair


Six Tips to Style Hair in Beachy Waves

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It is summertime, and now it is the perfect season for styling hair in beachy waves. The perfect update for hair that is medium length, but could even work with short or longer hair. It is such a chic and causal style, yet versatile for so many occasions. With just a few minutes of styling, you can have a very in look. Follow these easy tips to look like you just had a day at the seashore.


  1. Start with clean blow dried hair. If your hair is fine and needs more volume, add mousse throughout your tresses. If it is course or curly, a little amount of hair serum will smooth out the look.
  2. With a medium size barrel curling iron, create loose ringlets all over your hair. Curl the hair in small sections and twist away from your face, which will be a different direction depending on which side of your head you are styling. The trick is to just wrap the middle part of your hair shaft around the curling iron, and leave the ends hanging out. Keeping the ends uncurled is key to add to the casual vibe of the hairstyle.
  3. Allow the hair to completely cool before moving on to the next step.
  4. Next take a wide tooth comb, or even your fingers, and gently separate the curls. Scrunch the hair a bit and gentle muss up the curls, to prevent a polished look.
  5. Add a small amount of styling cream throughout your hair, but concentrate on the ends to keep them smooth.
  6. Set your hair with a light hold hairspray sprayed all over the head.


And it is just that easy to get a great summer look that will keep that beachy waves vibe going no matter what the day may bring.


Feature Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens


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