Stencil Painting On The Wall: Guest

Ralna at House By Numbers tried stencil painting on her wall and it turned out quite nice.

So today I took an hour of my day and finally started the project I’ve been thinking about for weeks now to try in our guest room.  I totally stole the idea from here, and just made up a stencil with some card stock.  I then used my $2.50 acrylic silver craft paint from Wal-Mart and a little craft paintbrush and took the plunge!  Originally I thought I would do it all across the back wall – but now I’m thinking I like it in the corner and will most likely do one strip on the other wall kitty-corner across the room because I do still want to add my headboard and don’t want it to be too much.  But I’m pretty happy with it – think it made a big difference in adding interest to the room and was definitely within the budget at this point! 🙂





I like how it turned out!  Very modern and fun!  How do you think it turned out?

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  1. >This is very nice. I've seen so many of these projects on the net lately where they've done the whole wall. I like your idea better. Less daunting and doable!

  2. >Holy cow!! I'm not a modern girl for sure but, I love this look. Amazing how you made your own stencil. ~~~~~Cathy~~~~~

  3. >This totally rocks! I love the silvery-shiny look and how it's not overpowering. Great design! I'm totally stealing this when I move.

  4. >I like that it was used as an accent instead of the entire wall. I think it makes a statement but in a subtle way. It looks great!

  5. >Looks fantastic! I love the price, too, and it adds tons of interest to your wall. Love it! That silver color is perfect.


  6. >I adore your blog and those like you … thanks for being so generous. I only wish all of you were in one place so I never miss a posting or new blog … a girl can only follow so many. We quilters have a 'one stop' place
    I have the site in my and gosh I can keep up with 100's of blogs.

  7. >Thanks everyone for your encouragement! I'm actually super new to blogging – like three months, and have been so inspired by so many of the amazing ideas and inspiration out there. Our house is FAR from done so I hope some of you will keep checking in and lend your feedback/ideas as we stumble towards completion! 🙂

    ~ Ralna

  8. this bedroom. Plan to do mine similar. While browsing online for “silver paint” I came across a website that directed me to your blog. What color paint is this on the walls?

    1. Hi Annette! This was a guest post, so you’ll have to head over to the original blog (linked at the top of the post) and ask her there. Thanks!