The Host by Stephenie Meyer


I am a little nervous about actually posting my first book review. I read to be entertained, not to judge, so this will not be to “review-y”. Also, I realize that is is a little cheesy to pick “The Host” for my first review. It is not a classic, but about 2 weeks ago I just had the urge to re-read it.
A brief description of the book is this:
Earth in the not to distant future, has been taken over by an alien life form, that is inserted into human bodies and then controls them. There are a few humans that noticed the changes in time and went into hiding. The story is centered around the life of Melanie, a human in hiding. She saved herself and her brother from the aliens. While hiding out she meets the love of her life, no matter that he may be the Last man on earth, Jared. Life is now basically complete. Until she is caught and an alien is installed in her body. The twist? The story is told from the alien’s perspective…
There is romance, suspense, a good fight for survival and an ever present sense of danger.
In that past, I used to think I am not into the whole Sci-fi world, but if this is Sci-fi I am a total convert. It is not overly fantasy or futuristic, in fact very earthy. (Okay, I must admit it, I grew up faithfully watching “Star Trek, The Next Generation”, I someday dream of dressing up like a
treky” for Halloween, and I still think that Capt Sean Luke Picard is a very good looking man)
But back to “The Host”, I think that I enjoyed this book more with my second perusal. The first time I read it, due to the nature of the story, I was a ball of nerves. Those nerves ruined all the subtleties of the story. This time, with an idea of how it would all go, I was really able to take in the story and in turn really enjoyed it.
My one complaint is this, it is not a fast paced story, and that really frustrated me the first time. But not at all the second.
As for content: There are some references to violence, but nothing too graphic. There are also some “hot Kissing scenes” that didn’t go any further, not too inappropriate, but it did allude to things going further, in life past. There wasn’t much language, maybe a few less that choice words, but nothing too hard and not very often. Overall, it is a book that I own, and will keep. I would let my teenager read this, but I would hope not until about 15, if I really had my way.
If you’ve read this book, I would love to hear what you thought. Send me a comment, I am sure other’s would appreciate them too.
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  1. >I am so glad you reviewed this book. I was just looking at it on monday wondering what my next read may be. Right now I am reading Eclipse. I know, I am so behind everyone else. It is hard to find the time to read with 5 kids running rampant. But when I am done with the Twilight series, I need something else to look at. I was thinking maybe going to the tried and true of Jane Austin, but we will see.
    I agree about Picard. That is the only Trek I liked too. Just not that into the original or sci fi for that matter.

  2. >You are right about the pace not being fast and that bugged me, but I was glad I stuck with the book and should re-read it. It was very detailed (which can be good) but for me it was too detailed on the cave, I kept thinking "I know what a cave looks like, go on"! Overall I did like the book, but it took me until pg 400 to where I couldn't put it down.

    Good job on your first review!

  3. >Great review and great book!! I read this book last year when I was on bedrest in the hospital. So, I wasn't bothered by the slow pace in the beginning because I had nothing better to do. 🙂 I really got into it by the middle of the book and I REALLY enjoyed it. I even broke down in tears a couple of times.

  4. >I read it when it first came out and I was also frustrated with the slow pace but once I muddled through the first half it got much better and I actually think maybe I should also give it a second read and see if I like it any better. You did a great job summarizing it though which also makes me want to read it again.

  5. >I adore this book! I love that even being told by an "alien" its still so human in its basic form. great review!