These Household Items Don’t Need to Be Ugly!

Household items can be useful and pretty at the same time. We will break down how these household items don’t need to be ugly.

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If you’re an avid remodeler and home decorator, you likely have already addressed the important pieces, like living room furniture, rugs, your kitchen backsplash, and paint colors. These are easy types of remodeling and decor that most people think of on their own.

However, there are some household items that many people just accept are going to be ugly. No matter what that item is for you, it doesn’t have to be that way! We’re going to give you some creative ideas to get your mind going on how to make every part of your home stunning!


Mailboxes often get overlooked when it comes to home decorating. It seems like they’re just determined to be ugly, but keeping them that way is a big mistake. We have a list of 10 mailbox DIY’s that will make your mailbox stand out (in a good way). Put your creativity to great use with a fun mailbox renovation.

Our personal favorite is the stone pillar mailbox! It is a good way to help your mailbox look sophisticated and beautiful. 

Garage Storage

Is your garage space a little… uninspiring? Are you afraid to let people see it? One of the best ways to make your garage beautiful is to upgrade your storage options. If you hear “storage” and think “eyesore,” you’re not alone. These wire wall baskets from the Dollar Tree are a cute, easy option to store all of those weird little items that don’t seem to go anywhere.

We have another blog post about how to organize your garage space, if you’d like more creative tips to store the rest of your items.

Dollar Store DIY Farmhouse Style Wire Wall Baskets From The Weathered Fox 768x1378

Bunk Beds

A lot of options for bunk beds are just not very cute. While they are very functional, they can be kind of awkward in your space. If you’d like some cute bunk bed options, and you need some tips on how to make them work in your kids’ bedroom, getting some inspiration is a good idea!

Check out our ultimate guide on how to make an adorable bunk room. Changing to bunk beds that are actually cute is the first step, and the rest will follow.

Go For A Sophisticated But Functional Kids Room With This Neutral Bunk Room At

Pool Floats

Sometimes you want to float in the pool, but a lot of people find the options a bit embarrassing or unappealing. If you have toddlers, you also want their floats to be cute, to make for Instagram-perfect moments! 

If you’d like some cute yet functional floats for your baby or toddler, check out our list of 50 baby pool floats! We also have a list of 50 pool floats for all different ages, with cute shapes like donuts, swans, turtles, watermelons, playing cards, pineapples, and ice cream. Your whole family will be picture-ready in no time!

50 Summer Pool Floats For Grown Ups Feature

Changing Tables

Ah, nothing says “beautiful” like a changing table. (Just kidding.) If you’re trying to beautify your baby’s space, your changing table might be an item you’d love to upgrade. Well, look no further. If you’d like to DIY a beautiful changing table with lots of storage with easier access to kids’ toys and baby supplies, we have plans for one that is so functional and beautiful at the same time!

This baby changing table is also versatile. It doesn’t look like a changing table, so it can also be used as an entry table, or for storage space in your home office. If you’d like to use it as a changing table, you can see this article on how to create a changing table topper to keep your kiddos comfortable. Using cute baskets instead of plastic bins makes a huge difference in the way it looks as well!

Diy Baby Changing Table With Cubbies And Changing Table Topper Organizer, Remodelaholic

Wooden Stairs

A lot of older homes have old wooden stairs that could use a little TLC. If you’re searching for inspiration, check out our list of ideas about how to breathe some life into your staircases, whether they’re indoors or outdoors! The first step is to check out things like wallpaper and sticker

There are some options that are simply for aesthetic purposes, but there are others that are also functional and add traction to keep everyone safe.

Wallpapered Stairs

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cover

Exhaust fans are truly not the most beautiful part of your home, but it can feel like your only option is cleaning them. That’s not true! You can give your bathroom a new look in an easy way by replacing the cover. It is a very small change, and costs only a little bit of extra money, but it’s the perfect place to start if you want your home to look cleaner and more put together.

How To Update And Replace A Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cover To Add Lighting To Bathroom #remodelaholic

Utility Boxes and Other Electrical Items

There are so many eyesores in many of our yards and on the sides of our houses. One great idea to make your yard gorgeous is to cover up those ugly items. People won’t even know they’re there! This might not seem like one of the most important things to do around the house, but it really does make a difference!

DIY Stained Wood Screen To Hide Unwanted Areas And Utility Boxes

You can take your creative energy from these changes and apply it to your own list of items like TV cords, your garden hose, your radiator cover, and your phone charger, as well as other ugly stuff that just drags down the vibe.

Updating some of these items is a great way to add little changes that will seriously upgrade your space. Changing or covering up those items that stick out like a sore thumb is the right thing to do if you want your home to look inexplicably better for both family members and guests!

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These Household Items Dont Need To Be Ugly Ideas For Beautifying These Items Featured On
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