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Okay, I love these for indoor or out, but since I am in a “outdoor party” mindset, AND I actually have some twigs in the back yard (score, that is pretty good for living in a tree-less wasteland newish development….  I have to show you this wonderful idea.  This was linked up to a recent party by Marianne over at Songbird.

(p.s. I actually had some of these at my wedding reception 9 years ago this week,  Happy Anniversary Us!, but they were not quite as cool as these, more rustic)  This is what Marianne had so say:

Twig vignette9 
Howdie, good folks! How a ye doing? Still enjoying Spring (or Autumn, hello lovelies down under)? We are in the middle of a climate change in these parts. Thursday we had Summer temperature, yesterday felt like an autumn day and I have been told Sunday will feel like winter again.
Well all the more reason to stay busy. While the whole country had turned orange yesterday on account of Queens’ Day, My Love and I stayed home and worked on various projects.
My Love had hired this big, mean, ugly machine to cut heavy weight tiles. He has been working hard on our new patio and the final stages are in sight. Just one or two more days of hard labor for him and I will have to start doing my THANG outside.

Twig vignette2
So I am real busy cruising the internets for inspiration on various outside decorating issues. So come around often this week, I will probably be asking your advice on everything from choosing colors to designing additions to the house…
But today I worked hard at trying to avoid My Love and his extremely loud and screeching machine all day. So I retreated to my peaceful attic and fired up the glue gun.

Remember my Twig Wreath? After I had finished that one, I still had a bucket full of cut-ups and branches left. And something inside of me, just couldn’t let me throw them away.
Heaven knows why, after all they were just a bunch of small branches and twigs, I have a garden full of them. So in order to control the chaos and not fill my house with the waste I removed from my garden,  I decided to make myself come up with a use today – within an hour , or throw them out.
Nothing like a good old self-imposed deadline to make the creative juices flowing…

Twig vignette1
And this is what I came up with. Two candle holders. Twig inspired DIY lanterns so to speak.

Twig vignette5
Now if I thought you would  need it, I would have gladly made a tutorial but really it is too simple for that. I took and old glass (whiskey style), cut the branches to size and stuck them on with hot glue. For the square box I used an empty Q-tip container.

Twig vignette7
Add some Spring flowers from the garden, and a new vignette is ready for the world.
I love how the light of the candle shines between the branches.
These little nature inspired, waste recycling, neutral colored lanterns really make my hard sing. 

Twig vignette6
So what do you think, was it a good thing I held on to those twigs? Do you love’em or hate’em? I want to hear your opinion here folks!

Twig vignette3

P.S.  Marianne your photography is STUNNING!  
and my opinion of the lanterns?  I LOVE them!  
…and I want your Hydrangeas too! 
(or are those Snowballs… either way, love um!)

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  1. >I don't see how you could hate'em. I LOVE 'EM! I'd be making more! They look sooo pretty and the way they are displayed is just gorgeous. I'll start saving twigs!

  2. >I have always love the "twiggy" look both indoors an out! These have inspired me to try a few things I've been thinking about! I love the hydrangeas too!