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Many moons ago I started and kind of finished a dresser makeover in Max’s room. {Like most things in his room, it originally belonged to his sister and was ready for an update.}  It involved removing old hardware, finding new hardware, cutting the hardware, filling holes and painting the drawer faces white. Relatively simple and I loved the results.


Recently, I decided to revisit the makeover and line the drawers {I just finished lining Miss Pippy’s dresser drawers and remembered I never did baby boy’s!} So, this weekend Max and I made a trip to the fabric store where he received his frist lesson on prints- plaid, polka dots and paisley. He liked plaid. : ) As always, I bought way too many options, but, once home, settled on a fun turquoise reptile print.


Picnik collagedr

Now, this final decorating touch should have been easy as pie – cut, glue, repeat – except that I can be a spazz. I carried all four drawers down the stairs and into the garage, no problem. But clumsy me, when I stacked them on Billy Webb’s work bench, the top drawer decided to take a high dive. That’s not good. A few broken pieces later meant the drawer wouldn’t stay together and one circle hardware is now an abstract oval. Oopsie. Enter Billy Webb. After a deserving roll-of-the-eye, he mixed up a batch of bondo and slapped the drawer back together – where it would dry overnight. Come morning, perfect!! Thanks, Billy Webb.

Picnik collagestack
Anywho, I think it turned out great, oval ring pull and all!!  Next up, Miss Pippy’s pink beauty.  Remember this?




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