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Reclaimed Wood Headboard by Shannon
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I’m Shannon and this is my husband Dean. We’re a Canadian couple sharing our thrifty design finds, organization ideas and affordable DIY projects on our blog, {aka}|design. When we started our blog last year to chronicle our crazy house full of renos, we had no idea how much joy we would get from the whole thing!

Today I’m am so honoured to be guest posting about our DIY Reclaimed Wood-Look Headboard and our Master Bedroom makeover here on Remodelaholic.



Believe it or not, we had such a tough time coming up with a look we loved for our own master bedroom. Ask me what you should do with your room, easy! But for our own? Old-School Country? Um, no. Contrasting colors. Nope. Hmm. How about a little industrial, vintage, romantic and rustic? YES!!!

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This was definitely the “biggest bang for our buck” project ringing in at only $36 for the headboard materials! (Runners up would be painting our tv cabinet, hutch and installing faux board and batten in our living room/dining room).
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How to build your own Reclaimed Wood Headboard:

Purchase 12 8 foot lengths of 1″ x 6″ spruce down, sandpaper, wood stain

1.  Used a large level and a stud finder to locate the studs and draw lines on the wall.
2. Have Home Depot cut all of the 1 x 6 to the proper width of your bed
3.Then we quickly sanded each piece,
4. Screw them directly to the wall
5. Rub on some Minwax Special Walnut wood stain.
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Our finishing touches were the oh-so beautiful burlap and satin ribbon banner from etsy’s funkyshique, two swing arm lamps from Home Depot and some pillows I whipped up one rainy Sunday afternoon.
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So what do you think? A good makeover?
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Thank you Cassity for having us on your blog today!
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