25 DIY Door Ideas


25 DIY Door Ideas

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Update plain interior and exterior doors with these great DIY door projects!

Doors: they are not something you may think about everyday, but I can promise them that you use them daily and a LOT at that. They are a huge part of our interior landscape, so to speak. And I think a lot of time they get overlooked.

Recently though, I’ve known that a lot of people have been considering doors a lot more. So, I thought I would get some great ideas together of things you can do with your doors, from simple to a little more involved. But all these DIY door ideas will help bring more character and interest into you home.

slide 1: Barn Door Baby Gate
slide 2: Dutch Barn Door
slide 3: DIY Dutch Door
slide 4: Pretty Pantry Doors
slide 5: Screen Door
slide 6: Shutter Pantry Doors
slide 7: DIY Pocket Door
slide 8: Sliding Barn Door
slide 9: Sliding Barn Pantry Door
slide 10: Sliding Closet Door Update

Add Some Moldings
slide 11: Two-Panel Door Update
slide 12: Four-Panel Black Door
slide 13: Updated Louvered Bi-Fold Doors
slide 14: Closet Door Transformation
slide 15: Mirrored Closet Doors
slide 16: Rolling Doors Update
slide 17: Add a Window to a Solid Door

Add Some Color
slide 18: Pink Door with Faux Moldings
slide 19: Chevron Door
slide 20: Yellow Front Door
slide 21: Cheerful Front Door
slide 22: Front Door Revamp
slide 23: Black Interior Doors
slide 24: Black Entry Door
slide 25: Faux Wood Graining
slide 26: Tuscan Door Transformation

Fix a Problem
slide 27: Frosted Glass Front Door
slide 28: How to Fix a Yellowing Door Trim


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  1. Ben says

    The sliding barn doors are great! There are some pretty awesome ideas in here, but the barn doors are my favorite

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