25 DIY Door Ideas


25+ Great DIY Door Ideas Remodelaholic #doors #DIY #decorating

25+ Great DIY Door Ideas!

Doors, they are not something you may think about everyday, but I can promise you that you use them daily and a LOT at that. They are a huge part of our interior landscape so to speak. And I think I lot of time they get overlooked.

Recently though, I’ve know that a lot of people have been considering doors a lot more. So, I thought I would get some great ideas together of things you can do with your doors, from simple to a little more involved. But all these DIY door ideas will help bring more character and interest into you home. [/tps_header]


This great baby gate plan has style and function! Free plans available for anyone!


Morphed from just a baby gate, here are the second half of the plans for a dutch barn door with style!

dutch door plans

Another dutch door idea, creating a dutch door from an existing door. Featured from Its the little things


A pantry door is a great thing to spice up a bit, check out these great examples.


Speaking of pantry doors, check out this great plan for a screen door. By The Handmade Home

Pantry doors using louvered shutters

And you wouldn’t even want to shut these great pantry doors, because they are beautiful and so is the interior. at La Dolce Vita

installing a pocket door

Pocket doors can be such a space saver! Check out this how to install a pocket door tutorial.

Sliding Barn door from old entry door

Sliding barn doors are very hip, this up-cycled entry door to sliding door is perfect in this bedroom remodel.

by Maple Leaves and Sycamore Trees

sliding barn door over pantry

This DIY Barn Door is Amazing! And I love that it hides a pantry! by Epbot

Add Some Moldings:

sliding closet door updateSliding closet doors are hard to update, but this change looks great!

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We love hearing from fellow Remodelaholics, so let us know what you like about this and leave any questions below in the comments. If you've followed a tutorial or been inspired by something you've seen here, we'd love to see pictures! Submit pictures here or by messaging us over on Facebook.

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  1. The sliding barn doors are great! There are some pretty awesome ideas in here, but the barn doors are my favorite

    1. Hi do you have some ideas on how to turn old burglar bars into headboards. I want to use some wood with it as a frame or something.

  2. I have been thinking about putting in a barn style door in our master bedroom to our bath. I love them but I keep worrying that the minute I put one in, no one will like them anymore and it will be time for us to sell. But right now our bathroom door opens onto our shower and hits it. A pocket door is not possible so a barn style door would solve the problem. Choices like this can take me forever. LOL