Get the Party Started: 10 Fun Summer Mocktails to Kick Off Your Season!

Mix up these fun summer mocktails — without the alcohol. These summer mocktails are delicious non-alcoholic mixed drinks, great for kids, teens, and any guest who wants to enjoy the fruity drink and not the booze.

Blushing Mimosas

Foodieaholic Virgin Blushing Mimosas Emeals 533x800 084039 summer mocktails
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Mimosas are a classic fun drink for any brunch, bridal shower, wedding shower, or other exciting occasions. If you want to skip the alcohol, you can still partake in this refreshing summer cocktail! If you’re looking for more options than just iced tea and lemonade, this delicious beverage with a hint of sweetness is a great option!

Mock Mary

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Bloody Marys are a sometimes-spicy, tomato-based drink that are delicious and brighten up any brunch! But if you’re a Bloody Mary connoisseur who’s not wanting the alcoholic version, it can be tough to find something similar to serve at your summer parties. Look no further than this delicious Mock Mary recipe for a summer mocktail! Your guests are sure to love it, especially if you add a fun straw!

Strawberry Coconut Summer Mocktail

Starwberry Coconut Mocktail 084053
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If you’re looking for a drink that will quench your guests’ thirst in the heat while helping them feel like they’re on island time, this strawberry coconut summer mocktail is an amazing option.  This flirty, fun tropical drink is the one of the cutest summer drinks you can make, with its cute pink color and adorable garnish of fresh strawberries. It’s the perfect drink for the whole family!

Island Hopper Summer Mocktail

Island Hopper Recipe 083957
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One of my favorite flavor profiles for summer mocktails is a drink with some citrus sweet, tart notes. The island hopper virgin cocktail is a delicious mocktail mixture featuring ingredients of pineapple, passionfruit, lemon juice, and brown sugar syrup, which makes for a more healthy drink than other options. It’s the perfect way to celebrate on lazy hot summer days.

Watermelon Agua Fresca

Foodieaholic Watermelon Fresca EMeals 084017
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Sometimes you get sick of all the sodas and slushies full of added sugar. Agua fresca is an easy mocktail recipe that is perfect for any hot day, and you can make it fancy and bubbly by adding sparkling water if you’d like. The fresh lime juice gives it a little extra zing, while the natural sweeteners make it the best non-alcoholic summer drink. Plus, making it will literally take you less than five minutes! What more could you ask for?

Mango Basil Spritzer

Mango Spritzer 084112
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If you’re looking for a summer mocktail recipe with more layered flavors, the fresh herbs in the mango basil spritzer are for you. It’s an amazingly refreshing drink perfect for summer days! If you like it a bit sweeter, add some simple syrup or honey to this mint mojito style mocktail — and don’t forget the fresh mint leaves for garnish!

Red Virgin Sangria

Foodieaholic Red Virgin Sangria EMeals 533x800 084046
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Another way to celebrate summer without alcoholic drinks is to create some virgin sangria! This non-alcoholic drink is an awesome summer mocktail alternative that’s full of fruity flavor, and it’s a fun way to spice up any gathering. It is much more complex and involved than the other drinks on this list, so if you’re looking for alcohol-free drinks that seem a bit more like the real thing, try creating this one for your next cookout.

Pina Colada Smoothie

Pina Colada 11 084103
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This pina colada smoothie is the queen of mocktail recipes. When you’re getting your ingredients ready to go, make sure you don’t forget the vanilla and cream of coconut–they give the beverage its distinct flavor.

Honeycrisp Cranberry Mocktail

Honeycrisp Cranberry Cider2 084007
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In this recipe, we are going to be using some of the traditional fall/winter ingredients, think fresh apples, some cranberries, a couple of oranges, and lemon slices and as many spices as you like. While most ciders don’t call for lemon I love the little twist it gives it and how it balances off all the spiciness. Honeycrisp Cranberry Mocktail

Cinnamon Roll Mocktail

Cinnamon Roll Mocktail 084030
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This may not feel summery- but for a s’mores bar this would make a fun creamy addition. Cinnamon Roll Mocktails

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