10 Science Books 6-9 Year Olds Will Love

If you want to reinforce science concepts at home, reading picture books with your kids is a great idea! 10 Science Books 6-9 Year Olds Will Love - Tipsaholic, #science, #books, #read, #kids, #education, #sciencebooks


As children start school and begin acquiring reading skills, designated reading time at home becomes even more important.  While your child is learning to be a more competent reader, they are also absorbing more information about a variety of subjects.  If you want to foster a love of science in your early elementary aged child, one of the best ways to do this is through books!  Picture books are engaging and entertaining, even when they’re full of scientific facts!  Not sure where to start?  Here are 10 science books 6-9 year olds will love!

If you want to reinforce science concepts at home, reading picture books with your kids is a great idea! 10 Science Books 6-9 Year Olds Will Love - Tipsaholic, #science, #books, #read, #kids, #education, #sciencebooks


1. Science Verse by Jon Scieszka –

Written by the creator of the famed “Math Curse”, this book all about different science concepts is sure to tickle kids’ funny bones!  Covering such topics as the food-chain, black holes, combustion, amoebas, metamorphosis, the universe – and more! – in quirky, silly, rhyming verse, this book is pure fun.  It combines clever illustration and witty writing to create a scientifically accurate celebration!


2. The Moon Seems to Change by Franklyn M. Branley –

Have your children ever wondered why the moon looks different from night to night?  This book covers some basic astronomical concepts – like how the moon revolves around the earth.  With step-by-step instructions, your kids can conduct an experiment using only an orange, a pencil and a flashlight that will help them visually understand what is happening to the moon.  Teach your kids about the phenomena of the moon’s phases!


3. Magnets: Pulling Together, Pushing Apart by Natalie Rosinsky –

Magnets affect our lives in many unseen ways!  Have you ever watched a child play with magnets?  They love the magic behind them!  Watch them get even more excited as they read this book and learn all about how magnets work – from compasses and magnetite to the magnetic poles to motors!


4. Bite-Sized Science by John H. Falk –

The only thing better than reading about science is DOING it!  This book is an introduction to many elements of science – including the scientific process!  Teach children to observe and evaluate the natural world through short, “bite-sized” activities and demonstrations you can do together.  Each one is 15 minutes or less, including set up and clean up, which makes them perfect for kids.  Kids get to make predictions, test them and observe results.  What’s more, a lot of them involve food, so your kids can eat their experiments!


5. What is the Earth Made Of? by Katherine Weidner Zoehfeld –

Young readers will be engaged with the cute and colorful illustrations in this book, while the text is perfect for read aloud fun.  It’s an introduction to a very important scientific building block: solids, liquids and gases; and how they can change states of matter!  Kids will love learning about ice cubes, water and gas – evaporation and what it all means for the world around them.


6. Wiggling Worms at Work by Wendy Pfeffer –

Those creepy crawlies you love finding in the lawn?  They’re part of science!  You’re child will love learning all about worms and how they help soil, compost and plants!  The realistic pictures might make them squirm, but they’ll be intrigued by these wiggly wonders!


7. Science in Seconds for Kids by Jean Potter –

This awesome book contains 100 science experiments you can do with your kids in ten minutes or less!  Most of them seem like magic – like seeing colors that aren’t really there, or staying dry underwater! – but the book also explains the why behind what you’re doing, so your kids will have tons of fun while learning.


8. National Geographic Kids First Big Book of Space by Catherine D. Hughes –

This book is chock full of wonderful pictures and interesting facts about the universe in which we live.  The book is divided into short chapters that explain basic concepts of space, beginning with what is most familiar to children and moving outward into the universe.  The simple text and vivid graphics will grab their attention.

(check out the other National Geographic Kids books, as well!)


9. Gravity is a Mystery by Franklyn M. Branley –

Everyone knows that when you drop or throw something, it will fall to the ground.  But WHY does that happen?  There’s a mysterious force pulling us all toward the center of the earth, and no one really knows what it is.  In this book, you can follow along with an adventurous scientist and his funny dog as they learn all about gravity.


10. Forces and Motion: A Question and Answer Book by Catherine A. Welch –

This book uses real life settings with photographs to explain the basic elements of physical science.  Through question and response, kids learn all about air resistance, mass and gravity and the connection between force and motion.


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