Tiny Changes, Big Impact: 10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel New!

Moving into a new place would always be an exciting venture. The first few days, weeks, and months will have you enjoying the feel of your new home. But after a few years, even the most timeless decoration can feel aged and ancient. At this point, you may need to spice things up and make the place feel pristine again.

One can make numerous choices to help them achieve this — a little color here and a piece of art there can make all the difference in your space. Here are ten ideas to help modify your place without breaking the bank.

Add Some New Pops of Color

Pops Of Color
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If your home if feeling a little stale, maybe it’s time to add some new colors.  Adding color in small décor items can be an affordable way to change things up, think decorative pillows, or a throw blanket a small frame, or décor item.  To keep things from getting stale, consider making simple changes like this seasonally or twice a year.  (you can rotate décor too, you don’t always have to start new)

Rearrange Your Space

Rearrange Furniture
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Consider rearranging the furniture you have in the space.   Change the orientation of your table switch out some chairs.   Moving furniture can be heavy, so an extra hand would help.

For a bedroom consider moving a bed to another wall.  Even if you choose not to do so much work after moving your bed, your room should feel updated already. If you want to do more, your furniture is the next step. Rearrange the chairs and table also. Your space should feel brand new after this.

Less Is More

Woman Decluttering wardrobe
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Decluttering your space can greatly make the place feel brand new. A thorough cleaning can make a space appear larger and more appealing than a room full of junk.

Find better ways to hide or eliminate unnecessary items in every room in your house; no, you can’t be sentimental. Anything you don’t need or use should be gone. This way, your apartment would breathe better, and you would see it in a new light.

Add Some Color

Renovation of a kitchen. Painter painting a wall.
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This works best for neutral and white-washed rooms. But if you can make it work with your room color, you should try it. Splash some more colors here and there.

Don’t be afraid to experiment from your bedroom to your living, kitchen, and bathroom. Adding a bit of color can be done quickly to make the place instantly feels fresh. No color is off-limits, and neither is the design. If it doesn’t work, who says you can’t try again? If you are afraid to repaint the whole house, pick one wall and go crazy. This way, you can focus on it until you find something that works.


Swedish Clock Finals Wall 015 Cropped And Fixed
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Remember, nothing is off-limits here. You can experiment with accessories, objects, or anything that makes you feel more at home. If there are empty spaces around, you can fill them with things you love. Of course, in a strategic, fun, and beautiful way.

You could even paint your mora clock(and build it) and table to spice things up. Be creative, think outside the box, and allow your imagination to run wild. Your home will love it.

Switch Curtains

Woman Near Window Moving Curtain
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Curtains are not just for ensuring privacy in your space. They also improve your window view and open your space. They have the power to make or mar your room. So pick them with care.

Try switching up your curtains for a brand-new feel of your home. You could get plain, patterned, or mismatched curtains; it’s up to you. Also, if you aren’t a fan of curtains, you could opt for blinds or decide to ditch them altogether. Your house, your rules.

Become a Plant Mom or Dad

Woman Having Coffee Near Indoor Plants
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Strategically placing some greenery can make any space come alive. Plants can add color, texture and make your home feel more accommodating. Fun fact, plants also reduce stress levels. So they are also good for you. There’s no specific area to place your plants; you decide that, but be sure to check out these 15 low-maintenance houseplants to try.

Get New Art

Couples Looking At Wall Art
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Art would breathe life into your home. So what are you interested in? Lifelike portraits, abstract art, or sculptures? Whatever they are, get a bunch of them and make your space come alive with bits and pieces of the things you love.

Try hanging a piece of art on your wall and see the difference it makes. Also, not all art is expensive. You could get some very nice ones for fair prices. Keep an eye out for them.

Change Your Rug

Hand woven trellis wool area rug.
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Just like curtains, rugs add personality to your home. They also help keep your feet warm in the cold weather. If your room needs a switch-up, get a rug.

A rug with a solid color or a lovely graphic pattern should work. It’s your taste that matters. The rugs can be in more than just the rooms; you could get them for your kitchen, bathroom, and hallways. A beautiful carpet would give these places a breath of fresh air.

Repaint Your Front Door

Man Painting Front Door
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I especially love this one and would try it out. If your front door shows it is old, your whole place can also feel that way. No, you don’t have to get a new door, not when you could paint over the old one.

A white retouch would work anytime, any day. This way, you get a new-looking front door and an even cooler entrance into your home.

Use Photos

Woman Hanging Photos On Wall
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Instead of painting over an empty-looking wall in your home, you could let it tell a story. Although adding artwork can do that, family photos and art made by kids would only give your place that personal touch.

Empty walls, stairwells, and even hallways are perfect for photo galleries. You can spice them up by adding imperfect, unaware, and candid snaps to the gallery. You can arrange them to tell any story you want.

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