10 Ways To Use a Cordless Dremel Rotary Tool

I am so excited to have another cordless tool to add to my tool box.  I just received a new Dremel rotary tool, a 12 volt high performance  Dremel 8220 Cordless.  This is going to be so helpful for many projects.  When I opened the box the first feature that I noticed, is that it is cordless.  I am a big fan of good cordless tools.  I think that it is great that there are more and more companies that are coming out with high quality cordless tools.  It seems like tools just keep getting better and better every year. And the new Cordless Dremel rotary tool is no exception!

dremel rotarty tool 8220_hero

So today, I want to give you a list of ten ways you can use this great tool.  You might have something different in mind for how you would want to use it (which I hope you will share in a comment), but here is a list of ten that I came up with, and have needed it for:


10 ways to use the Dremel Rotary Tool


  • Cutting out drywall for outlets or light switch holes in sheet rock.  There is always a sheet rock project going on in my house, where I could use this tool.


  • Grinding off extra long bolts. Like when installing a toilet.  Some times the bolts that comes with the kits are extra long and have to be sawn off.  Or cutting off the extra length of a bolt of a handle that I recently installed on a baby gate/dutch door.  You can see that project here.


dremel rotary tool DIY dutch door

  • Grinding off nails.  There are times when I accidentally nail in brads that are too long.  I end up having to go back and cut the extra nail off and file it down.  Now I can grind it right off flush with the wood really easily.  Sweet!!


  • Sanding edges.  There are great attachments for sanding curved cuts especially.


  • Drilling a hole.  I realized that it’s like having another cordless drill handy.  I can have the attachment drill bit on the dremel and not have to switch it out on my drill… and sometimes when you are holding something heavy that needs to be pilot drilled first, fast is important!


  • Sharpening a blade. I always have tools that need to be sharpened.  This is going to be great for that.


dremel rotarty tool Grinding Pruner With Atachment 8220


  • Planing a door edge.  I just found out that there was a planer attachment. Which is awesome.  I could have used this on the last 5 doors that I had to plane down because the edges were sticking when we closed them.


  • Cutting ceramic tile.  I have a particular project in mind for this, so you will have to wait and see…


  • Sharpening a lawn mower blade. Remember how I talked about this in our mow like a pro post?   I have to do this about once a year (and chances are you should too!).  This tool will make it so much easier than doing it by hand.


  • Grinding a doors strike plate.  I wish that I had this tool when I did this just two months ago.
  • Carving a wood sign.  I have a fun little project that I will share it with you later this week or early next that is inspired from what my Father in law used to do…(that you can see here).

 Update: here’s a carved wood sign using the Dremel! Super easy, and using one of my favorite techniques: using paint to color-wash wood

Carvel love sign using a Dremel-019

So now that I told you how I want to use mine, you can tell me how you would use your new Dremel rotary tool.  You can also check out Dremel’s website here for even more ways to use their rotary tool.


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Good luck!
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  1. I like to engrave my initials in my belongings so people dont take them, I use them to polish my knife blades and make them shine, I sharpen scissors and wire strippers. I inherited a trait from my grandfather we like to call “tinkering” I can ( and do ) use dremel tools for everything.