Using An Inspiration Photo to Design A Room

This weeks Tip Junkie post is about using inspiration posts to create the look you want.  So, I thought I would write a quick little post showing you how I would use in inspiration image!Actually this is also a good way to help a person define their own personal style a little bit too… so I hope for those of you that don’t know what direction to move for your own home that this might help out a bit.
We all do it, we find an image that just speaks to us…
(insert smile! when you see the image)  I know, I know, I am going to use my Shaw room.
I love this room for many reasons, mostly it is just very me!
Okay, so you may have seen this picture before, it is the room Roeshel and I designed for the 30 day of HGTV flooring competition.  (YES, I would be SO thankful if you voted for us!)
I think I will be able to break this room down really well for you all.  Using the next post I am writing on tip junkie as a guideline (it should post on this Wednesday, the link is for my last post…)
First break down each image.  This should be very specific!!  What in particular do you love, what don’t you love? This is what I mean by breaking down the image, see below:
The walls:
  • The paint color, (Copen Blue by Sherwin Williams btw)
  • The texture of the board and batten
  • The Moldings!! Large crown, baseboards and windows are wrapped nicely.
The colors:
  • Mostly neutral furnishings
  • Accent colors pop throughout the room, on the pillows, the accessories,
  • That the chandelier is painted.  I LOVE the bright color!
  • The rug ties them all together and helps the space to flow.  (just like I talked about here.) I LOVE this rug!
  • The flooring is picked up by the colors of the frames and furnishings

The textures:
  • I love the wicker chairs
  • The stacked crate end table (I was so happy when I found those boxes!)
  • The natural plants scattered throughout the space!
  • The iron fencing!
  • The handscraped flooring.

The found objects all mixed in!!!!:
  • The iron fencing, used as art above the fireplace!
  • The crates, re purposed as an end table
  • The art easel used to display art
The typography that is a repeated element throughout:
  • The Subway Art – (tutorial at the link, something that anyone can make!)
  • The ottoman and matching pillows
  • The grain sack pillows
  • Books used throughout
  • The large letters on the wall ( you can see in the image below)

What I don’t love:
The drapes, they are hung too low ( we only had those to work with so, we worked with what we had!)
I would have liked a more grand fireplace.

Second Pick out your favorite elements…

And create a mood board with those element.
Pick out your colors! and presto you know where to start
(Sorry, but I am skipping the third and fourth step in this post, since they are mostly about shopping etc… it is hard to show on a “pretend”  room! In case you are wondering why I can’t count…my daughter skips numbers all the time when she is counting and it is just plain cute!)
Fifth: Don’t be afraid to edit…
As you can see our list was sorta long above, not everything you like about your image needs to be incorporated!  You want to be able to breathe in this space.  So don’t try to cram everything in!
Okay.  Now that we have an idea of how to create a room from an inspiration photo, don’t forget to join us for our mood board event!
with a TON of your favorite bloggers!  (and interior designers!)

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