Living Room Tour

Living Room Tour
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Last year, with Kelly’s Korner hosting “Show Us Your Home”, I did all kinds of posts on all theun-finished rooms in our house. Then I made a tab at top of the blog labeled “New House Progress” and upon inspection the other day I realized, “ICK! These rooms look awful! That’s not how my house still looks?!”
There is little “progress” depicted there. I need to update y’all ASAP.
It would be pitiful if you actually thought our office still looked like this. SCARY even. {I can’t believe I even provided that link for you!} The office isn’t even in that same room anymore, that’s actually  {I believe} a lovely guest bedroom now. But how would you know with such a bad blogger as a friend?
I apologize and will now set about making it right, one room of our “2010 House Tour” at a time. {Because I know my house will never actually be finished, just as I will tell you my future plans for this room at the end of the post, surely there will be a 2011 House Tour =) }
We spend far too much time in this room for it not to be a relaxing and peaceful place, decorated just how we I like it to look and feel.
Nick doesn’t offer much in the decorating department, except to support me. Though he will stand up against something he truly doesn’t like, such as the pretty multi-colored Ralph Lauren flowered sheets I bought for our bedroom {gorgeous and ON SALE}. Though we do still own them, I like to think it’s a compromise that they get alternated with the other sheet pattern we have for the bed on wash day. He’s more apt to declare the sheets need cleaning and wash themhimself if he gets to take the flowered ones off!
I get sidetracked so easily. Back to the family room.
I’ve done a lot of writing on putting together this one room, thus this particular post is full of links galore to other related posts.
Like a post dedicated to choosing the paint color, Blue Twilight by Valspar.
And several posts about the painting process itself, which took many long woman hours, between my mother-in-law and myself. {Yes, I love my MIL!} We finally finished and I started talking about decorating my blank canvas and had to run some ideas by my readers to help me decorate the space.
Well here it is, our little family room.
{OR our “living room” depending on where you’re from ;)}


Looking in from the front door of our house: entryway table is an antique from Nick’s grandmother, small black African statues from a family friend of Nick’s, and lamps are one of my most prized finds from Goodwill! Lampshades from Wal-Mart.


Entering into the kitchen from the family room, I love this verse and thought this was a great place for our daily reminder of what is truly important in this life.


We ordered the couch from Haverty’s, the rug is from Overstock. This is a fantastic rug at a great price – I’m gaga over rugs from Overstock. I’ve always lucked into great quality from them and have at least 6 rugs in our house ordered from Overstock.
Sadly, several readers have tried to find this rug themselves on their website and haven’t had any luck since. It’s a grab while you can kind of a place.


Speaking of, I just realized I didn’t take a photo of the entryway rug, so here’s a quick camera phone picture. {Also from Overstock.}
entry rug
Paintings from Marshall’s. Not ecstatic about them, but they’re good for now. Still on the lookout for some “real” art for this wall.


Mirror above mantel from Homegoods.


Silver lantern from TJ Maxx.


These 2 little lanterns came from a yard sale a couple of weeks ago.
Love me some deals =)


End table: 5 bucks at an auction. Lamp: free from my momma. Both spray painted and lampshade recovered by me.


Coffee table bought at a thrift store and spray painted by yours truly.


Love this clock from Hobby Lobby!


He always Houdini’s himself into my pictures. He’s a little attention hungry, this one.


Keepin’ it real: can you see the socks we always look for under the couch before doing laundry? I have no idea what attention hungry little animal would love to munch on some dirty socks under the couch in hiding…


I got the white bowl for a quarter at an auction =) Loving these little flowers planted in it right now!


Branch-candle-thingy from TJ Maxx, apothecary jars from Homegoods.
I love changing up the mantel for Holidays – check the “Seasonal Decor” tab up top on the blog for more pictures of it through out the year.


Birdcage for another quarter or two at the auction. It use to be black and rusty and gross until Igave it a little lovin.


This use to be a living tree untill we killed it… now it’s spray painted remnants rest in my living room with crystals and photos hanging from it – post to come on this one!


This is the hallway from the living room back to the bedrooms and office. I just bought this rug and it’s match {you can see starting around the corner} from Hendrix finds it to be a great resting place for  a busy little guy like himself.


and of course, because a room is never really finished, I will soon be adding drop cloth curtains to the family room!
Don’t give me that same confused look my mom and husband did – go read here to see some other’s beautiful examples. It’s really tres chic, ya know.
Thanks for touring! More rooms to come shortly. 
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  1. >I had no idea this was your blog too! I've been following this one for a couple months now and I never knew! So talented!!

  2. >do you happen to know what sofa name is at haverty's? i went to link, but there are so many, i wasn'nt sure which one…love your room!

  3. >Love the drop cloths! I have a pair hanging in my entry. I also added a section to the top of a couple of shower curtains that I have made into drapes for my dining room. Cheap and pretty!