12 Steps Ahead for Thanksgiving

I thought it might be fun to do something a little new this week… WHOA!  Hold your horses there buckaroo!  We’re still having Remodelaholic’s Anonymous, so stay here….  But for those readers, who don’t link up, here is a fun little post to read here on my blog…

 And because thinking of “themes” can be fun, I thought it would be fun to do a 12 steps article, this is Remodelaholic’s Anonymous after all.  Fitting, right?  I thought so too!

Preparing for Thanksgiving ahead of time

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12 steps to

Getting Prepared (in Advance) For Thanksgiving:

1st.  Every year for Thanksgiving, if we are not going to be with family, I like to sign up to have the missionaries from my church come over.  These are young kids on an ecclesiastical service mission away from home for 2 years.  I like to ask them what is something that they really want, to help it feel like a bit more like home.  So, if you are having guests it might be fun to find out what makes Thanksgiving feel like home for them, and incorporate that into your plans.  Be it a special kind of pie, a  family game, or a silly tradition.

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2nd.  Prepare your menu a week or two in advance.  Decide what you are going to make, sounds like a no brainer right?   But I know I am not the only one who has forgotten to buy whipping cream and then it is all gone when you go back for that last minute trip.- wait- I’m not the only one right?!

3rd. Check through your pantry for all staples, be sure you have all the basics spices that your recipes call for a week in advance at least!  (seasonal spices tend to sell out this time of year)

4th.  Make ahead some of your menu items.  My favorite make ahead items are: pie crusts, pecan pies, chocolate pudding pie, pumpkin pie, lemon meringue pie, (did I mention I like PIE?)  sweet potatoes, green bean casserole,  and rolls.  The night before, you can chop some of the veggies and put them in ziplocks so the next day you can just pull them out and dump them in!

5th.  Clean and prepare your dishes and silverware.

6th. Iron table linens

7th. Print out any special menus, or place setting that you would like.  I have some fun Thanksgiving printables right here is fact!  This can be done up to a week in advance, so there is no last minute scrambling… (although as a somewhat seasoned procrastinator… it is amazing what i have whipped together last minute!)

8th. Buy cheese, crackers, hummus (or make some in advance) and some easily edible fruit and veggies (preferably prepared) for a munching tray.  This will also keep kids out from under your feet, and help keep you going when you are in the swing of things

9th The night before throw some crystal light or something like that together to have as a fun drink.  Also keep some bottled waters, soda or juice boxes in a small cooler available outside of the kitchen, so yet again, you can keep your kitchen clear from craziness, that is not necessary.

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10th. Prepare some games for youngsters.  Okay, I personally know how hard it is too cook with 2 little people at my feet, and technically I have a small family, so if you are planning on a lot of kidlets, it might be best to have something for them to do.  They can decorate paper table runners, or collect pretty leaves.

11th. If you are big into the table settings and centerpieces, then by all means pick out what you are planning on using before hand.  Set it up the night before, or if you have a special dining room set it up even earlier if time allows!

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12th.  Don’t let yourself get too wrapped up in perfection.  Just enjoy the season, if something doesn’t turn out, just move on… and don’t forget to be thankful!

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  1. Those are some great tips! My grandmother always hosts Thanksgiving, so all I have to do is show up with a side dish or two:) I do usually bring something fun for the kiddos to do since half of them with me though! Thanks for hosting. Have a great weekend!

    1. Whoops you are right! I don’t have the button up! I will try to get them back up in the next few weeks! Sorry about that!


  2. Great tips! I won’t be hosting Thanksgiving this year, but those are great tips for really any large hosting event. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this linkup party. I couldn’t find your buttons anywhere. I’m not sure if the new page is just loading slowly for me, or if they’ve been stowed away somewhere that I’m just not seeing. The new blog looks great, btw.

  3. What a wonderful post; thanks, Cassity, for all of these fantastic tips! Living in Canada, I have already managed, despite my procrastination, to make it through Thanksgiving… but, to be quite honest, all of these tips are excellent ideas for any holiday or get together! I will certainly be coming back to this post for Christmas!

    This week, I’m also linking up a few very simple and fast fall themed decorating ideas – such as the Mason Jar Candle Holders featured in link #59. I already see some other great decorating tips linked as well, which I will certainly be checking out! I think especially when we come so close to a holiday which we are hosting in our homes, the quick and easy tips regarding set up and decor are crucial to our sanity!!!

    Thanks so much for another fantastic party!

    Take care,