20+ Useful Trim and Molding Tutorials and Tips

Finish off your rooms with beautiful baseboards, crown molding, and trim around windows and doors. 20+ Useful Trim and Molding Tutorials and Tips via @tipsaholic #trim #molding #diy #home #repair

20+ Useful Trim and Molding Tutorials and Tips
Do you stare at the rooms in your home and wonder what’s missing? Sometimes the finishing touches are what brings a room from unfinished to completely decorated. These finishing touches include tall baseboards, beautiful crown molding, and chunkier trim around windows and doors.  Installing new trim in your home is easier than you might think and there is so many tutorials and tips out there to help you beautify your home. Here are some really great trim and molding tutorials and tips!

Baseboard Tutorials and Tips

How to Remove Baseboard
Before you can upgrade your baseboard trim, you need to remove your old ones. If you do it wrong, you could damage your walls and the trim. This tutorial recommends five essential tools to get the job done right.

How to Cope Baseboard
Coping baseboard trim so your corners look perfect takes some technique, but the results are worth it, especially for homes with walls that aren’t perfectly straight. This tutorial shows you how.

How to Install New Trim Over Old Trim
If you want a fast baseboard upgrade, there’s a product called RapidFit that you can use right over your old trim without having to remove anything. If this sounds like something you’d like, learn more about it here and here.

How to Install Baseboard
From removing old baseboard to mitering the corners, this tutorial covers everything in one post. Although some of the methods used here are different from those used in the tutorials above, it’s good to see how people do some things differently before trying the project yourself.

Faux Baseboard Tutorial
Make your baseboards look thicker with this simple trick: install thin molding above your baseboards and paint the space between the molding and baseboard white. It’ll all look like one thick baseboard piece! Read this tutorial for more details.

How to Clean Baseboard
You love your new baseboard, but they’ll get dirty with time and they can be a nuisance to clean. This tutorial breaks it down to 5 simple steps. Also good to know: if you paint your trim after you caulk, including the caulk itself, your baseboards will attract less dust and dirt.

Crown Molding Tutorials and Tips

How to Install Crown Molding on Kitchen Cabinets
Have some space between the tops of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling? You can fill that gap up with crown molding and filler wood. This will make your ceilings look higher and your kitchen look more custom and finished! Check out this tutorial and this one.

How to Make Your Crown Molding Look Taller
Maybe you already have crown molding, but you want it to be a little taller and chunkier. Here’s how to do it — a pretty easy and inexpensive project!

Cheater Crown Molding
If you’re intimidated by the corners in crown molding, this tutorial presents a solution that you might like.

Faux Crown Molding Tutorial
If installing crown molding is too much or too expensive of a DIY project for you, consider this easy faux crown molding to add some drama to your walls and ceilings. All you need are 1-inch trim pieces, along with finishing nails, white paint, and some tape. Great for a kids’ room!

Lowered Ceiling Tutorial
This is another faux crown molding, or faux picture rail, tutorial that will extend your ceiling color to the very top of your walls for some added architectural detail. It won’t make your ceiling feel lowered, but this is a great idea for rooms with a fun color on the ceiling.

How to Install Crown Molding
For a straightforward tutorial on installing crown molding just like how the pros do it, check out this great tutorial that comes with clear step-by-step pictures and instructions.

Door Trim Tutorials and Tips

Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial
Want to beef up the trim around your doors to give them a bigger presence? Check out this great craftsman door trim tutorial.

Traditional Door Trim Tutorial
If you’re looking for a more traditional look for your door trim, here’s a good tutorial for that.

Corners and Entryway Trim Ideas and Tutorials

Column Trim Idea
Do you want to paint different wall colors in the rooms in your open-plan home, but are struggling to figure out how to transition the different colors? Try this great column trim idea that can define the corners of a room to help you visually separate your rooms!

DIY Door Casings Tutorial
If you have wide entryways to the rooms in your home, you can add door casings for a more polished look. Here’s how.

Window Trim Tutorials

Here’s a nice, long list of the various window trim tutorials all over the internet, put all into one place for you! You’ll find a lot of good stuff here.

Caulking Tips

How to Caulk Moldings and Trim
Caulking is a vital part of installing crown moldings and trim. Here is a basic tutorial that tells you everything you need to know to start caulking. It also includes one great tip: always paint after caulking!

How to Caulk and Paint Trim at the Same Time
This little tutorial shows you how to paint and caulk your trim at the same time. So clever and it will save you a lot of time! And here’s another tutorial that shows you a similar trick, but done with crown molding.

Now that you’re armed with these trim and molding tutorials and tips, you’re ready to tackle the fun job of beautifying your home with trim and molding. For even more help, check out this great website that includes a pattern book to help you create your own trim patterns. Happy trimming!

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