25 Incredible DIY Tabletop Designs

If the top of your table is damaged or if you're just looking for a fresh new look, try one of these DIY tabletop designs, from faux finishes to fun stencils.


If you like fun, customized tabletops, DIY is the way to go.  Why settle for the same plain, boring table everybody has in their dining room when you can make it the centerpiece of your home?  Maybe you’ve got old furniture that could use a facelift, or you need to update a table that was broken.  In all of these cases, there are so many options available to create a one-of-a-kind tabletop you’ll love.  Whether that includes learning how to laminate wood pieces together, stenciling, painting, staining or transferring images, or using more unique materials like fabric or epoxy, there is a DIY tabletop idea here for you!

25 DIY Tabletop Designs

Learn how to make your own butcher block surface to use as a coffee table, end table, bench or dining table at By Brittany Goldwyn.  Use your favorite stain to accentuate the grain or leave it raw. // By Brittany GoldwynTable-Final-1  


live edge tabletop is stunning – in artistry… and price tag!  So Hunted Interiors figured out a way to create their own!   You’d never know that this table is actually a DIY and the edges were created with a belt sander!  It’s gorgeous and would make a statement in any room. // Hunted InteriorsIMG_2367


You won’t believe what you can create with a bunch of free scraps.  A stunning scrap wood table, by Instructables user Wholman for starters!  This DIY is a bit time intensive, as the process for laminating wood can take many hours depending on the dimensions of your project, but the end result is nothing short of breathtaking.  The natural wood grains, different colors and all the character from each piece of salvaged wood come together to make a show-stopping table. // Wholman on InstructablesFKJ89HLG1M2GQ2N.MEDIUM


Create a unique wooden inset in a herringbone design to easily make over any table.   The best part is that you can use paint stir sticks, so it’s little to no cost at all!  // Thistlewood Farms1-IMG_6977

 Just because a table is missing its top is no reason to pass it by! This coffee table was missing its glass top, so Mindi replaced it with rustic painted pallet wood slats for a whole new look. // Mylove2create for Remodelaholic

Pallet coffee table

And this glass-top patio table was broken and left along the side of the road, but Nicole was undeterred and built and tiled a new tabletop. // Q-Schmitz on Remodelaholic

DIY Tile and Mosaic tile table top on upcycled patio table frame by Q-Schmitz featured on @Remodelaholic

Holy Craft came up with a genius solution for a scratched and worn dining table!  If your table looks a little worse for wear, but you still plan on using it for messy situations like painting and crafting, you’ll love this wood plank tabletop cover.  Slide it on for nice dinners and entertaining company, and tuck it away when your kids use play dough! // Holy Craft on Remodelaholiceasy removable table top


Here’s an industrial style side table that looks authentic and high end, but it’s actually made from an inexpensive, basic store-bought table.  Learn a few tips and tricks to making a simple table like this look industrial chic. // Love, Create, CelebrateIMG_8362-edit


Tiled tables are beautiful accent pieces and can add a lot of style to a room, but real vintage tile can be a bit cost prohibitive.  In this tutorial, you can learn how to paint a tabletop with faux aged blue glazed tile so you can add old world charm without breaking the bank. // Royal Design Studioblue_talavera_tile_stencils_painted_furniture


If you’ve fallen out of love with your table, like DIY Beautiful, check out her DIY to see how easy it is go from ok to incredible!  For this one all you need is a stencil you love and a paint color that pops.  In no time, you’ll have a stenciled table you can fall in love with all over again. // DIY Beautiful stenciled-coffee-table-partial


Look at the amazing masterpiece Domestic Imperfection made out of her plain Jane dining table!  Using a stencil and white paint, you can create this design or similar, then tone it down and make it look slightly aged by staining the wood right over the top of the painted design!  Very clever stenciled and stained table redo. // Domestic ImperfectionIMG_1753W


Here’s another example of a stenciled tabletop.  Remarkably, this table was destined for the dump when Pretty Handy Girl pulled it from a dumpster.  With a stencil, primer and paint, some distressing, glazing and sealing, she gave this beauty a second life – one in which it looks like it came directly from old world Scandinavia. // Pretty Handy Girlcoloring_on_new_table


And if you haven’t got a fancy stencil hanging around, you can still give your table a stencil-styled makeover, and it won’t take much.  To make this fun herringbone table, Shark Tails took a boring side table and taped off a herringbone design then spray painted it gold!  It adds a touch of mod glam that’s not overwhelming since it’s in a small dose. // Shark Tailsherringbone1


Gold looks great on this glass top table makeover, too! // Jackie Hernandez for Remodelaholic

DIY herringbone gold leaf glass tabletop

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