25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

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Learn How To Decorate A Console Table With These 25 Ideas For Inspiration Featured On Remodelaholic.com

25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

Is there any piece of furniture more versatile than the console table?  It’s the perfect height behind a sofa for placing lamps, and in the hallway to make it the drop station for keys.  It can serve as a spot for extra serving dishes in the dining room, or function as a vanity in the bedroom when there is a mirror above it.  In the family room, you can use it to store media underneath a television set, or tuck a stool under it for a convenient laptop desk.  With a narrow surface, it’s too small to be a serious work surface but big enough to be a fantastic spot to decorate.

Small surfaces, like console tables, are the perfect places to really insert personality in your home.  Instead of letting your console table get filled up with odds and ends of household clutter, put a little thought into what goes on there.  There are a number of ways to do this, but I’ve chosen five techniques to share with you today:  symmetry, asymmetry, collections, functionality, and color.

Symmetrical Console Table Arrangements

You can never go wrong with a symmetrical display.  But try to keep it from getting boring.  Try adding different textures and vary the heights of the items.  and don’t underestimate the power of fresh or very nice looking fake flowers and plants.

symmetrical console table displayLovely Symmetrical arrangement! | Design Crush

 warm and stately phoebe howard

 City Apartment | Phoebe Howard

 shabby magenta flash decor

25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

 Chic Magenta, simple design, but the layered patterns and bright pops of magenta pack a punch for sure! | Flashdecor

Patterned Vases and art

The center items on this table aren’t perfectly symmetrical but the repeated elements for the art works and graphic vases,  really speak symmetry to me.  | Featured on Remodelaholic

Symmetrical console table display and decorating

Again the strong elements in this space make the display feel very symmetrical.   And who doesn’t love the punch of yellow?! | Pinterest

traditionally fresh your nest design

25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

Traditionally Fresh | Perfectly Imperfect Life

 neutrals phoebe howards

Neutrals | Phoebe Howard

Family Storage Red Door Home

Family Storage | Red Door Home

 Asymmetrical Console Table Vignettes 

The trick to asymmetry is balance.   You don’t want both sides to be the same but you want the to visually balance each other out. there are several ways to accomplish this look.  By using a splash of the same color on either side, to help your eye travel from side to side easily.   Also keep in mind the general heights of items, you don’t want them all to be the same height.   You want the items to vary.

pottery-barn-keaton-console-table, how to decorate a console table

Pottery Barn


Notice the small pops of yellow on either side of this very sparsely decorated table.  It really helps to allow your eye to travel easily from side to side.  |  Featured at Remodelaholic

classic meets contemporary the zhush

Classic Meets Contemporary | The Zhush

organic glamour the zhush

Organic Glamour | The Zhush

short and tall clusters Bower Power

Short and Tall Clusters |  Bower Power

Vintage Charm BHG

Vintage Charm | Better Homes and Gardens 

distressed tip junkie

Distressed Buffet | Tip Junkie

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  1. What a great post! So many people struggle with this. I did a smiliar post on my blog recently about styling a fireplace mantel. Another one that can be tricky!


  2. Can you please tell me where to find the leaf collection frames photos. They would be perfect above my entry way table!

  3. Would the Decorative Plate Collage Console looks as great as the one you featured in slide 19 if the plates were all the same size? I have a great collection of plates I’d love to display, but they are all the same size….

    1. Hi Tina! I think that could work. I would probably line them all up in a grid so it would be more like a specimen art style, where everything is lined up, rather than the organic type shape of those featured in the photo. Good luck!

  4. I have a medium brown sofa back/console table that is slightly old fashioned (but I like it) with turned out feet. In the past it just held a basket for mail and hats on one end, and a lamp on the other end. I needed to move and now it doubles as a TV stand in my living room and the cable box as well as the lamp is there. It is pretty squeezed. I’m thinking of getting old Coca-Cola boxes that to provide storage underneath for the CD’s and movies I have as well as some a sturdy place for the cable box and the dvd player. Any thoughts? Thanks!