25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

Colorful Console Table Decorating

Is there anything I love more than color right now?  Well, duh my family yes, but really one of the things that is making me SO happy right now is color, lots of it layered in unexpected ways.    One of my all time favorite design quotes  is that (and I am paraphrasing, “Color’s don’t clash they vibrate.”  I really love that idea.  I sort of love to make things kinda clash too… but maybe that is just me!

Poppies and teal All things thrifty

25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

 Poppies and Teal | All Things Thrifty

colorful entryway little green notebook

Colorful Entryway_ I love everything about this space.  I love the gold pulls on the blue dresser, the picture of the Mesa LDS Temple, the primitive sculpture, the lime green picture mats and the red lamp shade.  If this were in my entry, I think it would feel like my house was giving me a hug to welcome me home whenever I walked in the door. | Little Green Notebook

sunburstI love the idea of opening up an entry closet as a plce for a console table.  I think that is a huge part of the fun of remodeling for me,thinking of new ways to  create the spaces you need for the way you like to live in an imperfect space.   | Fifi Cheek

colorful small space design sponge

25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

 Color Statement – Hello lovely walls, nice to meet you, and what a great dark door you have.  But beyond that, did you notice the BRIGHT yellow table ( I super- heart- love yellow right now!!!)   Don’t forget to consider the actual piece of furniture for your pop of color in  a space, and be sure not to be too conservative in your color pallete. | Design Sponge

 the every girl

Subtlety | The Every Girl

 What are some great tips you’ve used to decorate a console table?


page 1: 15 ways to decorate a console table: symmetrical and asymmetrical
page 2:14 more ways to decorate a console table: collections and functional decor
page 3: 5 bonus ways to decorate a console table: colorful decor

Console Table Pin

Learn How To Decorate A Console Table With These 25 Ideas For Inspiration Featured On Remodelaholic.com


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  1. What a great post! So many people struggle with this. I did a smiliar post on my blog recently about styling a fireplace mantel. Another one that can be tricky!


  2. Can you please tell me where to find the leaf collection frames photos. They would be perfect above my entry way table!

  3. Would the Decorative Plate Collage Console looks as great as the one you featured in slide 19 if the plates were all the same size? I have a great collection of plates I’d love to display, but they are all the same size….

    1. Hi Tina! I think that could work. I would probably line them all up in a grid so it would be more like a specimen art style, where everything is lined up, rather than the organic type shape of those featured in the photo. Good luck!

  4. I have a medium brown sofa back/console table that is slightly old fashioned (but I like it) with turned out feet. In the past it just held a basket for mail and hats on one end, and a lamp on the other end. I needed to move and now it doubles as a TV stand in my living room and the cable box as well as the lamp is there. It is pretty squeezed. I’m thinking of getting old Coca-Cola boxes that to provide storage underneath for the CD’s and movies I have as well as some a sturdy place for the cable box and the dvd player. Any thoughts? Thanks!