Get This Look: Doubled Up Console Tables

A console table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can add to a space. It’s both functional for holding a lamp or dropping your keys, and it adds to the style of the room. You can use a stand-out table that is the conversation piece (like this modern wood and chrome table), or you can get a more reserved and classic piece that serves as a background to the other decorating elements around it. Or you can rip apart an existing table and make it into a new console table, Remodelaholic style!

The look we’ve got for you today features not one but TWO console tables, making it perfect for filling up a large wall in any room of the house. (image via Better Homes and Gardens)

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Get This Look - Doubled Up Console Table Buffet - 7 Design Tips from #getthislook #consoletable #decorating

7 Tips For Decorating a Console Table (or Two!)

1. Look Above

Filling the wall *above* a console table is just as important as how you decorate the table itself. A single console table can be balanced with one large piece of art, but these side-by-side console tables would have needed a full wall mural (like this) — which can be pricy and ends up serving as THE statement for the room. Keep the style simpler by putting up a gallery wall of similar style photos or artwork using simple white or solid-colored frames.

2. Anchor with Lamps

Without the height of the lamps, the gallery wall would feel a little bit lonely. The lamps serve to anchor the whole collection while adding to the calm, nature-inspired style — plus the little bit of gold looks fabulous! Find similar tree-branch inspired lamps (or more modern, classic, whatever your style is!) over at Wayfair:

Tree Branch Inspired Lamps via
A: Crestview Twisted Branch Table Lamp
B: Arteriors Home Eamon Table Lamp
C: Safavieh Branch Table Lamp
D: Midwest CBK Birds in Tree Table Lamp

3. Work With Your Space

It’s important to have your console table be the right size for your space — large enough to anchor the room, but not so large that it’s in the way. If you have the width for two console tables but not the depth, make two console tables from one! Twice as nice and they’ll automatically match 🙂

4. Decorate!

Now the fun part: decorating! Start with our 5 quick tips for decorating a console or buffet, and get inspired with 25 beautifully decorated console tables.

5. Add Some Pizzazz

As you decorate, incorporate a piece or two that is just YOU. Something with sentimental value. Something that is your favorite color or pattern. Or how about something that you made yourself? An easy serving tray from an old door, painted in a fun color, makes it easy to clear away daily clutter for special occasions. Or a vase is an easy upcycle DIY — see how Create Craft Love painted a confetti-style vase over at The 36th Avenue.

6. Keep It Functional

One thing I love about the console table we built is that it has plenty of room for storage. A good-looking woven basket adds some texture to the look and hides away gloves, hats, papers, or whatever you need nearby but not visible. Try this well-priced wicker baset set from Amazon, or if you need a lid, try this lined basket or this stylish lidded hanging file folder box.

7. Let It Be The Star

Keeping the furnishings and most of the decor neutral and calm really allows the yellow to pop. You don’t have to use yellow, of course, but having one contrasting color for a few small elements makes the room lively without overpowering the serenity of the neutrals and blues.

Get This Look - Doubled Up Console Table Buffet - 7 Design Tips from #getthislook #consoletable #decorating

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