25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

  Console Table Collections

So I collect something strange… hand sculptures.  It started with me inheriting two of the first carvings my father ever made of hands, and went from there!  So no, I’m not crazy, but collections can be a fun way to “grab” (get it- hands) someone’s attention, and are a great way to start a conversation about something you love.

leaf collection elizabeth kimberlky

Leaf Collection | Elizabeth Kimberly

evoloving Entry

25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

Layered Entry Table, I love this.  I have to admit I love the organic way this has evolved and the un-staged nature of the decorating makes it feel like it will keep evolving over time.    The clips on the peg board are an open invitation for interesting items to be constantly on display and changing often.  If you’re a clean freak, I guess this wouldn’t work, but I LOVE the quirkiness of the display for sure. | Pinterest

gallery wall 320 sycamore

Gallery Wall | 320 Sycamore

decorative plate collage mmm crafts

 Decorative Plate Collage – Never forget the wall behind the console table.  i love how this wall takes advantage of the interesting shape of the console table.  And since I have a dish fetish I REALLY love this wall.  Besides this is one of my favorite sites for doll patterns…. be sure to check it out! |  Mmm Crafts

aqua accent marcus design

25 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

 Aqua Accents | Decorpad via Marcus Design


Posh Pieces | House Beautiful

Functional Console Table Decor

Don’t forget that it is best to have an item be both beautiful and functional.  In an entry for example a console table is the perfect place to collect and display you sun glasses and keys.  It can also be a great place to collect mail (in a fashionable basket)  or magazines in baskets.  While you may immediately think of decorating the top of a console table, don’t forget to think about the real estate below the table.

how to decorate a console table

A great example of smart storage underneath the table, check out this table at Pottery Barn.

Functional mirror on cosole talbe

A mirror is always a great functional piece to hang above a console table especially in an  entry or mudroom.   To make sure you’ve got you makeup on before you step out the door….  |  Design Sponge

skirted storage bhg

Skirted Storage, is a great idea for adding storage and style.  | Better Homes and Gardens

Metropolitan Console table pottery barn

Metropolitan Console Table, can you tell I love books in baskets?  I have them in my house now and in my last house and I like to show pictures of them on my blog.  There are several reasons I like this idea.  It is a great way to collect magazines or misc books in one confined loacation.  If you fill the basket, it is time to let some of those books or magazines go to the next person.  Additionally  I LOVE the added texture of a woven basket, and adding layers of texture to any room should never be overlooked.  |  Pottery Barn

entryway organizer martha stewart

Entryway Organizer, never overlook the console talbe as being a command center for your home.  It is always good to havea  central location for those items you tend to lose, wollets, keys, cell phones.  Just make a plan for organization, and let all the family members know the plan to help you keep things in order. | Martha Stewart

drop zone bhg

Front Door Drop Zone,  Sometimes a drawer in that console talbe can be just as important as the decor on tip, if it means you will keep the drop off zone clean!  Something to consider when buying  or building a piece of furniture for a busy location. |  Better Homes and Gardens

pbj stories hideaway printer

Hideaway Printer | PBJ Stories

 vintage suticases for storage on console table

Love the vintage suitcases for added storage in a really stylish way, no need to hide them, instead let them  be a focal point.  | Pinterest 

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  1. What a great post! So many people struggle with this. I did a smiliar post on my blog recently about styling a fireplace mantel. Another one that can be tricky!


  2. Can you please tell me where to find the leaf collection frames photos. They would be perfect above my entry way table!

  3. Would the Decorative Plate Collage Console looks as great as the one you featured in slide 19 if the plates were all the same size? I have a great collection of plates I’d love to display, but they are all the same size….

    1. Hi Tina! I think that could work. I would probably line them all up in a grid so it would be more like a specimen art style, where everything is lined up, rather than the organic type shape of those featured in the photo. Good luck!

  4. I have a medium brown sofa back/console table that is slightly old fashioned (but I like it) with turned out feet. In the past it just held a basket for mail and hats on one end, and a lamp on the other end. I needed to move and now it doubles as a TV stand in my living room and the cable box as well as the lamp is there. It is pretty squeezed. I’m thinking of getting old Coca-Cola boxes that to provide storage underneath for the CD’s and movies I have as well as some a sturdy place for the cable box and the dvd player. Any thoughts? Thanks!