3 Things Every Thanksgiving Cook Should Know


thanksgiving cooks should know

The honor of being the head chef for Thanksgiving dinner is nothing to be taken lightly, right?  It’s a massive undertaking. Here’s my top 3 tips to help you pull off the impossible.

#1 Prep Your Potatoes The Day Before

If they sit too long, cut potatoes turn a not so lovely shade of grey. However, the time saving benefit is incredible. Solution? Submerge your cut pieces in cold water and keep them in the fridge overnight.

#2 First Things First, Set The Table and Comb Your Hair



It’s okay to still be cooking when people walk through the door.  In fact, it’s expected and an easy way to break the ice by putting people to work who offer to help. Setting the table or hiding in the bathroom while you finish your make-up however?  Not so much.  Set your table before you start cooking and get yourself completely ready at least a couple hours before anyone shows up.  You will be so much more relaxed knowing that people will at least think you are completely put together!!

#3 Keep Your Turkey Moist After Cutting

There are so many tips and tricks out there for cooking up an amazingly juicy turkey, but what about keeping it that way after you start slicing?  Those who have carved a large turkey know that by the time you finish carving the last piece, the first piece is already drying out. Don’t let your hard work go to waste.  Heat up some chicken broth and drizzle over the cut pieces as you go. This will ensure your first cut is as warm and delicious as the last.

What are your best tips for a successful Thanksgiving Dinner?  Please share by commenting below.

Author: Jennifer Faris is a photographer, writer, mom of 3 littles and wife to a rock star (at least in her eyes). You can see more of her work at www.jenniferfaris.com and follow her on FacebookPinterest,Instagram.

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