7 Fun Bridal Shower Games

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Bridal showers are traditionally for showering a bride with gifts, but bridal shower games add a whole lot of fun to a bridal shower. To make your next bridal shower a success, here are 7 fun bridal shower games that will keep your party exciting and memorable for everyone, especially for the bride!

1. Love Bingo

There are many variations of the “how well do you know the bride and the groom” game, but this Bingo game is interactive and includes props. Give every guest a BINGO card with numbers on them and two paddles in two different colors, with the bride’s name on one and the groom’s name on another. Put various facts about the bride and groom on strips of paper with numbers on them, throw them in a basket, and pick up one at a time. Players guess the correct answer by holding up one of their paddles. It’s a lot of fun to see what others guessed and to learn more about the bride and the groom.

2. Why Do We Do That?

Weddings are full of traditions, from wearing something blue to throwing the bouquet. But how did these traditions start? Find out by playing the Why Do We Do That? game at your next bridal shower! This game is very simple, but educational! If your guests love trivia, you could consider playing a longer game with this Bridal Shower Trivia card game.

3. DIY Wedding Dress

Divide your guests into teams and give them white materials to create a DIY wedding dress on one person in each group, from toilet paper, white tissue paper, feathers, glitter, newspaper, and whatever else you can think of. Don’t forget tape and/or glue. Give them a limited amount of time to create their wedding dress and then have your bride choose the best dress. You could even have every team have “design consultations” with the bride to find what she wants in a dress, for more bride involvement. Another variation on this game is to have every team create an aspect of the wedding dress, like the veil or the skirt, and put them all on the bride for an awesome photo op.

4. Wedding Poem Contest

This is another team competition that will result in an added entertainment at the wedding, if your bride agrees to this! We did this at a friend’s wedding shower and my team won, so we performed our Wedding Poem at her wedding reception and it was such a hit! Divide your guests into teams and give them a limited time to create a wedding poem, rap, or song. Have each team perform to the bride and let her choose the winner. And then let everyone enjoy the winning poem/rap/song at the wedding reception!

5. Guess Who I Am

This is a great game that will have everyone laughing and becoming more close to each other at the end of the game. Guests write down a favorite memory with the bride without leaving their names and then the bride reads them out loud to everyone. The bride will guess who wrote the memory. If she gets it wrong, the guest gets a prize.

6. What Is She Wearing?

Ask the bride to leave for a few minutes and give a sketching paper and colored pencils to everyone. Have them draw the bride and what she is wearing that day. Guests will have to depend on their memory to draw every detail of the bride’s appearance, from her hairdo down to her shoes! Once everyone is done, have the bride come in and let everyone vote on the best sketch that includes the most correct details. Finally, give all the sketches to the bride to keep as a great memento!

7. My First Kiss

Have everyone tell the story of their first kiss! It can be the story of their first kiss ever or their first kiss with their current boyfriend/husband. Once everyone has told their story, have everyone vote on the best story, funniest story, most romantic story, etc. This game will definitely draw out a lot of laughter and maybe even a few tears.


Rather than focusing on the gifts, bridal shower games bring the attention to the bride and the friendships and love she shares with her guests. Have you played some of these bridal shower games before? What are your favorite games to play at a bridal shower?


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