7 Tips to Get a Great Looking Blowout at Home

There is nothing better than getting a great blowout at the salon. Here are seven tips to get the same looking blowout at home. 7 Tips to Get a Great Looking Blowout at Home via @tipsaholic #hair #blowout #hairdrying #blowdrying #hairstyling

7 Tips to Get a Great Looking Blowout at Home

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There is nothing better than walking out of the salon with a fresh blowout. Your hair is sleek and shiny looking, and it is so fun it give your hair a flip from side to side because you know that you look so good. Then the next day comes, and it is so hard to get that same look in your bathroom at home. After all it looks so easy when you watched the stylist do it! But with just a few easy steps, you can achieve the same great looking straight hair. Here are seven tips to get a great looking blowout at home.

  1. First, add to clean towel dried hair a pea size amount of smoothing serum from the middle of your hair shafts to the end. Next, spray all over your hair a thermal protecting spray to help prevent any damage that the heat of the blow dryer or flat iron can cause.
  2. Blow dry your hair as normal until it is barely damp. To create volume as hair is dried, rake your fingers through the roots, pull hair upward, and aim the heat of the blow dryer at the roots.
  3. Divide hair up into sections with two from the front and two in the back. Twist the hair of each section against your head and loosely clip in place.
  4. Starting with the front right section, unclip it and run a round brush underneath the hair, starting at the roots. As you pull the brush down aim the dryer heat downwards.
  5. (If you want sleeker, straight hair, go on to this step…if you want more body, just skip it.) Once this section of hair is dry, with one hand run a fine tooth comb down through the hair. Immediately follow this with a flat iron in the other hand. Be sure to keep the flat iron moving at all times and never stop at one spot since this could damage the hair.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the left front section…then the back right section…followed by the back left section.
  7. Finish up your look by adding serum to seal the style. Put a small amount of serum in your palm, rub hands together and smooth onto hair from mid shaft to ends.


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