Amazing Superhero Boys Room!

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superhero boys bedroom

Today I’m stopping by to show you the Superhero Bedroom I just finished for my little guy.  The room was lavender with an irredescent kind of shimmer from the previous owners.  It had hand-painted hearts and rhinestones around where the mirror used to be.  There was nothing boyish about it.  We needed a change.

Well, it doesn’t look a bit like it did now.  You won’t find any pink or purple in here.  Let me give you a quick tour.


It all began with a sketch I showed my dad.  I wanted to have a bed with a city scene painted on it and a sign like Batman’s, but with my child’s name featured.  This is what he built. 


I painted the whole thing and then added the cityscape to the front and side.


I asked my mom if she could paint something like these posters because you can’t buy them anymore.  I bought a hollow core door for a canvas because it’s huge and a lot less expensive than a canvas.  She rocked the painting.  Can you tell my son liked it?
I found fabrics with colors I pulled from the painting and my mom sewed this beautiful quilt.
I hung up an old telephone picture I had.  Superman always changes his clothes in a phone booth, you know.
I made a superhero car (inspired by the batmobile) out of cardboard.  It’s got lots of layers, so it’s actually really sturdy.  My boys love to play on it.  I got the “pow” and “wham” stickers from an etsy shop.
I made a fake newspaper article about my superhero son to put on the wall.  I had it blown up as an “engineer blueprint” at Staples so it only cost $2.99!  I mounted it to a thin sheet of MDF.  I decided to paint a green frame behind it because the color was super close to the wall color.  My sister wrote the story in the newspaper and it’s hilarious.
Last, I added a framed print that has a special meaning to us.
And now my work here is done! 
If you want more info on the room or if you’d like to see a video tour, you can find my final summary post HERE on my blog.  You’re welcome to visit me there anytime.

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  1. I love the painting of the superheroes. I may attempt to do this. Obviously your mother and whole family is extremely talented! Is there any tips for me to be successful in this project??

  2. I love it! The idea of using a hollow door as a canvas is brilliant! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try it out in my boy’s new room!