Shaw Floors Style Board at Barnsley Gardens

Blogging is a fun profession!  I have to admit.   We get to have opportunities to do so many wonderful things, and meet so many great people.

This August, I had the amazing opportunity to head out to Atlanta to visit with Shaw Floors.  And I can honestly tell you I love the people at Shaw just as much as I love their products!!  I got to get to know them about 5 years ago and had the time of my life designing a room in a day (part 1 and 2 here).  It was so fun to see them again!  Besides that fact that together with their planning team, they literally transport you to magical places and experiences!  It is like landing in a fairy tale!  And this event was no exception!

So I have to admit, my kids are still little, and I don’t really like being away from them, so I decided it was worth it to me to pay to have them come along, and I am so glad I did because hello we were a mere 5 hour drive from Disney World!!  AND of course I was going to take advantage of that!

We stayed at the incredible Barnsley Gardens just outside of Atlanta, and this place is SO magical!  It is basically a small village built around the old ruins of a plantation house.  And all the little cottages are divine!  (my landscape architect husband couldn’t get enough of the space and while I was working and socializing with the Shaw team my family enjoyed all that Barnsely had to offer!

My husband made a video of his time with the girls, give it a watch here and please be sure to subscribe to our You Tube Channel.


This is our cabin!  and it literally was so quaint and fun!  The girls immediately ran upstairs to claim the room upstairs!

A VERY rare selfie, before we were off to learn all we could!


I got to go learn about how a HUGE brand like Shaw learns about and builds products around trends.  Which is fascinating!!  I love design and business so seeing how they first find and interpret and then put into product lines trends, was so enlightening!  (and sort of over whelming, no wonder they have teams of people that work together on this!)


SOOO many beautiful finishes!

IMG 3831

Dinner on the first night (and good thing it was the first night with all the rain we had the next night) was at the ruins themselves.

This is the original garden and boxwood hedges, which was so cool they were able to keep them!


The upper floors are now gone, so looking up through the ruins made for amazing, scenery.


Look at the color of the moss growing on the walls!  I LOVE!


I really felt a lot cooler than I actually am when I walked outside to find this amazing table all set and ready to go for us.  See I told you- it would be magical!  And it really was, I felt like I was at a Martha Stewart gala or something!

trip-with-shaw-to-barnsley-gardens-remodelaholic-4458 And the flowers!!



The table settings were all made of products Shaw sells and it was not only pretty but also SO clever!trip-with-shaw-to-barnsley-gardens-remodelaholic-4479

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves eating and listening to the live music!

Then, as the sky darkened it was like visiting a haunted house with all the thrill and beauty (but not so much the fear!)trip-with-shaw-to-barnsley-gardens-remodelaholic-4484 trip-with-shaw-to-barnsley-gardens-remodelaholic-4485 trip-with-shaw-to-barnsley-gardens-remodelaholic-4494 trip-with-shaw-to-barnsley-gardens-remodelaholic-4496 trip-with-shaw-to-barnsley-gardens-remodelaholic-4498

Seriously one of the most wonderful nights ever.

Shaw Floors Trip To Barnsley Gardens And Shaw Headquarters @remodelaholic 4084

The next day we got to go tour Shaw’s headquarters!  We learned all about the history of how the carpet industry began in Atlanta.  It was amazing to see all their fun product in development, I couldn’t take pictures!!

IMG 4113

Shaw Floors Trip To Barnsley Gardens And Shaw Headquarters @remodelaholic 4091

But by far the best part of learning about Shaw’s products was pouring RED Koolaid on two samples of carpeting.  The first was a competitors carpet sample, the carpet literally drank the koolaid in one gulp -GONE!  No way in heck you are getting that out of your carpet!  But Shaw’s carpet which has been treated with their special R2X… the Koolaid just sat on the top of the carpet and sucked right up into a paper towel when placed on top of the carpet.  MAGIC!  Watch the video below!!  I think I took 5 videos because it was so fun to see the Koolaid literally just lift off the white carpet with nothing left but beautiful white carpet.

Shaw Floors Trip To Barnsley Gardens And Shaw Headquarters @remodelaholic 4123

YOU GUYS!!  it was life altering.  LIKE the most exciting thing I’ve ever done.  It was more magical than the ruins lit up with candles from the night before!

One more farewell dinner that night which was every bit as beautiful and so thoughtfully planned.

Shaw Floors Trip To Barnsley Gardens And Shaw Headquarters @remodelaholic 4161

Shaw Floors Trip To Barnsley Gardens And Shaw Headquarters @remodelaholic 4253

Shaw Floors Trip To Barnsley Gardens And Shaw Headquarters @remodelaholic 4194

Shaw also has a new program called Cut a Rug, I can tell you I am excited about it!  You can have their carpets with their amazing stain protection treatments, cut into rugs and bound to what ever size you need.  I am SO excited to try it!

Shaw Floors Trip To Barnsley Gardens And Shaw Headquarters @remodelaholic 4174

We have LOTS of plans for what we are going to do with Shaw over the next year!  I am so excited to share what we do!  Stay tuned!

Big thanks to Shaw Floors for inviting me to be a part of their Style Board and allowing me to report back to you on what’s new in flooring in 2016!  You can see more videos from our event and learn more about flooring options by following Shaw on Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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