Beautiful White Kitchen Update (with chalk paint!)

 I’ve long felt that paint and hardware is the key to a great kitchen. We did update our cabinets without painting here, but I have always loved white kitchens (despite what people may say about them being sterile or hard to clean, that hasn’t been my experience!). Our guest today updated her outdated wood cabinets — and she used chalk paint on this white kitchen update, to make it even easier:
Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White wood kitchen cabinet update, Rustic accents for white kitchen, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic
 Marie has all of the details of her chalk painted kitchen makeover below — and be sure to check out some of our favorite white kitchens that we’ve featured

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Say hello to Marie and welcome her to Remodelaholic today!
 Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinet Makeover -- saves the prep time on sanding!
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Chalk Painted White Kitchen Update
by Marie of Paint it White Interiors

Hi, my name is Marie and I am so happy to be featured here on Remodelaholic having been inspired by Remodelaholic to repaint and update our dark kitchen and we are so happy with the result. My husband and I moved back home to Ireland from America with our three children sixteen years ago and made our new home here in County Clare.

While we lived in  the USA  I studied Interior Design and soon after graduation our three children  were born (one in each state we lived in). They’re all grown up now which leaves me with a lot of free time to get back to my passion for all things Interior Design. So, here I am back again and our house is my target. After a decade and a half of decorating neglect it’s in serious need of updating so starting with the kitchen my blog is like my scrap book. It gives me motivation where I’m excited to post and share each ‘Before and After’ makeover project and also to get a ton of inspiration from other blogs out there. Let the fun begin!

First room to be redone was  our Kitchen and here is a photo of the finished result..

1 Chalk painted cabinets in rustic white kitchen, Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic


2 Before, wood cabinets to painted white with chalk paint, Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic


3 After, Wood cabinets to white with chalk paint, Annie Sloan Old White, Provence with Dark Wax, kitchen peninsula, Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic
The Peninsula is Annie Sloan Provence with Dark Wax but I am changing it to a Dark Grey like the French Doors and I would love Liscannor Slate tiles for the floor but that’s a job for another day..

Below is another before..

4 red wall painted to white, Parisian Cream by Dulux, dining room update, Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic


5 primer used over red to prep for painting white with Parisian Cream by Dulux, dining area makeover, Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic

It’s so important to spend time preparing to get a really professional result so filling in any nail holes or cracks is a must. Our walls were deep red so priming was also a must.  After that it’s plain sailing. I bought Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in ‘Old White’ for the cabinets and we had Pavol, a family friend do the painting. He didn’t believe me at first that there was no need to sand when using the chalk paint you just need to wash the cabinetry first with sugar soap to remove any grease or grime from especially around the cooking area etc.


6 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White for kitchen cabinet makeover, Provence with Dark Wax for kitchen island, Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic

It’s by no means finished. I’m in two minds whether to knock out the wall behind the kitchen table and put our main dining table there. There’s a long living room behind that wall so it would flow nicely from kitchen to dining room to living room. Plus there is a working fireplace in that room which we light all through the winter and it would be visible from the kitchen also making for a really cozy set-up! (That’s why I didn’t finish painting the table and chairs there- I really need to make my mind up!)

7 Pine french doors updated to dark gray, before, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic

Here are the Pine French Doors before being painted dark Grey and walls primed and ready for Parisian Cream by Dulux.


8 7 Pine french doors updated to dark gray, walls in Parisian Cream by Dulux, after, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic
And here are some more after shots!


9 painted french doors in dark grey, chalk painted kitchen with gray accents, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic


10 Chalk painted kitchen cabinets, white kitchen with dark gray accents, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic
11 Dark kitchen table in white kitchen, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic


12 Chalk painted island, Annie Sloan Provence with Dark Wax, kitchen update, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic
Pavol took all the doors off to be painted and before the wainscoting went up we had an electrician install another set of electrical outlets  as this spot gets so much use with laptops, phone charging not to mention electrical kitchen appliances.


13 Chalk paint kitchen cabinets, wainscotting in white kitchen, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic
And here it is all prettied up with wainscoting installed and the doors back on. I just love it!
14 Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White wood kitchen cabinet update, Rustic accents for white kitchen, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic
I absolutely love all the brightness of our kitchen now but not wanting it to look too clinical I added in some rustic elements like lamps, baskets, terracotta and vintage planters etc.

15 hammered pewter hardware on chalk painted kitchen cabinets by Paint it White featured on @remodelaholic
We replaced the old wooden knobs with beautiful Hammered Pewter Hardware which made an amazing difference.

16 reading nook in white dining area, wingback chair, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic
I added a wing back chair here to create a cozy reading nook.
17 White wingback chair for coziness in dining room, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic

And some little details to bring it all together..

18 Rustic white kitchen accents, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic


19 Rustic white kitchen with accents, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic



20 Rustic white kitchen with greenery for accents, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic

It’s only Paint and new door handles but it feels like a brand new kitchen to us. Definitely worth it!

21 Chalk painted cabinets, kitchen update, by Paint it White featured on @Remodelaholic
One more thing. Cats make great ornaments.. (just kidding-he legged it up there for safety when I was making to much fuss with the camera)

Thanks so much for looking, now to get started with the rest of the house ..

Cost breakdown:

  • Kitchen Cabinets painted with three tins of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in ‘Olde White’ @ €27.00 Per Tin. I bought this paint from Sonoma Interiors in Ennis.
  • Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles x 26 @ €4.99 per handle are from Woodies.
  • Walls were primed with primer first and then painted with one 2.5 litre can of Dulux Easycare Washable Matte Paint in ‘Parisian Cream’ @ €35.99 Per Tin. Also from Woodies.
  • Back Splash wainscoting was painted with a washable paint ‘Brilliant White’ from Woodies
  • Back Splash Wainscoating is also from Woodies. I cannot remember exact pricing but it comes in panels for I think around under €20. I used about four panels.
  • Entry Doors were primed first with Zinser Bin Primer and then painted over with ‘Brilliant White’ non yellowing white paint.


Marie, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Remodelaholics, if you have a project you’ve been inspired by Remodelaholic to do, please send us pictures or tag #imaremodelaholic on Instagram! You can submit a brag post and pictures here, or if you have a blog, you can submit a post to be a featured guest here.

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  1. I love it and have saved this in my stack of ideas for when I redo my kitchen… Question for you though… Would this color scheme look ok with a medium gray living room next door? My kitchen is next to my eating area, which then turns into my living room. Its gray with white trim. All the rooms are pretty wide open so I feel like they need to mesh well together. Thanks!

    1. Hi Shana thank you I am so glad you like it. I think whites and greys can live very nicely together. You could tie in the grey by adding grey and white patterned dish towels, wall art etc. to the white kitchen. Hope this is helpful. Marie

    1. Christine I’m so sorry for the huge delay here (I’m new to blogging and forgot to turn on notifications to my post) but if you are still interested yes we did use two coats of wax over the chalk paint when it dried. I would actually recommend three coats of wax if your kitchen gets a lot of use because when you are cleaning off grubby scuff marks it’s good to have that extra layer of wax so as you dont reach the paintwork after numerous ‘wipes’.
      Thanks again. Marie

  2. This is beautiful. I also would like to know what kind of wax was used – it isn’t included in the materials list or cost.

    Also, is it easy to clean?

    1. Hi Sherry,
      I used the Annie Sloan wax which I found easy to use and a little goes a long way. Next time I would use three coats of wax (I know a bit of a pain but it goes on easy) if your kitchen gets a lot of use, lots of kids etc. I found stains come off easily with washing up liquid and a soft cloth. One time a wine stain left a dark streak which would not budge so I used diluted sugar soap which removed it completely but this is why I would used three coats of wax as I think the sugar soap was a bit strong and removed a little wax also. Hope this helps you and thanks so much for your comment..

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful. I really love the contrast paint on the peninsula and am looking at doing the same. One question, what colour is the end of the peninsula? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie:-) The colour on the peninsula is Annie Sloan Provence Green with Annie Sloan dark wax. I’ve since tried out rustoleum chalk paints and I find them to work just fine too. If you are going with the Provence Green I would suggest trying out the dark wax and the clear wax if you have some just to see which one you like better in your kitchen. I wanted a rustic contrast against all the white so I used the dark wax. Hope this helps. Marie:-)