Build A Versatile Wall-Mount Chalkboard Organizer

This wall-mount chalkboard organizer is awesome! Add a bucket for each family member or section of the chalkboard -- could hold keys, spare change, trinkets, etc.

 Hey all Corey back from Sawdust 2 Stitches!  I hope I am not alone in my need to have reminders largely  displayed in my home.  I swear I would forget to pick up my kids from school if I did not write it down. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point.  I need large constant reminders to keep me on track.   Here is the other thing,  I am not a fan of the old school white erase board. Effective?  Yes.  Ugly ? YOU BET! So here is my compromise of form and function… build it for around $25 (and less if you have scraps!) Enjoy!
Build this DIY chalkboard organizer for under $25! Just a few boards and some dowels come together to make this easy message board, great for a menu board or family calendar, too.


How to Build A Wall-Mount Chalkboard Organizer

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Tools Suggested:

  • Table Saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Nail Gun
  • Drill


Materials Used:

  • (x2)  1×3″ Pine Board
  • (x1) 1×2″ Pine Board
  • 2×4′ Chalkboard Handy Panel (or use chalkboard paint on a scrap piece)
  • (x5)- 1/2″ Dowel Rods (24″)
  • Stain
  • 1″ and 2″ 16 gauge finish nails
Want a standing chalkboard sign? Get the plans here. 

Lets’s dive right, shall we ?

We will begin  by assembling  the outer frame using the 1×3″ pine boards.  I attached mine in the corners using wood glue and 2″ 16 gauge finish nails.

Chalkboard Organizer by Sawdust2stitches for


Next we will be be cutting and installing the brackets. These will all be made from the 1×2″ boards.   These are a little tricky, so PLEASE reference the diagrams below.  Notice they are not 45 degree angles, they are 15 degree cuts, (with 1/2″ spaces in between boards, this is where the dowel rods will rest) and the boards that meet in the corners are 45 degree miter cuts.

*When installing, center the 1×2″ boards on the 1×3″ board.  ( This should create a 1/2″ gap on either side of the 1×2, so you can install your chalkboard backing.)

I installed my 1×2″ boards using wood glue and 1″ 16 gauge finish nails.

-chalkboard organizer sawdust2stitches for

how to build a wall-mount chalkboard organizer with storage @Remodelaholic (1)

After all the side pieces are cut and installed, you will  cut and install the bottom support.   The board should be cut 24″ with 45 degree miter cuts. (Long point to long point)

Chalk Board Organizer by sawdust2stitches for Remodelaholic.comhow to build a wall-mount chalkboard organizer with storage @Remodelaholic (2)

how to build a wall-mount chalkboard organizer with storage @Remodelaholic (3)

The 1×2″ boards will be the support that will hold the chalkboard in place. Hold the chalkboard panel in place with wood glue (or a pin nailer, if you have access). 
chalkboard organizer panel by sawdust2stitches for


The last  thing you will need to cut is the dowel rods.  These will need to be cut down to 24″ long.

chalkboard organizer Dowel Rods by sawdust2stitches for


Last step, is making it your own!  Fill the nail holes with filler and then sand until smooth.  Then finish of with your favorite finish. ( I used Jacobean by Minwax on mine.)

Build this awesome chalkboard organizer for around $25, perfect for a menu board or kids' art station. Tutorial from Sawdust2Stitches on

You can hang this any number of ways, but I chose to install brackets on the sides and tie a piece of rope to them creating a place to hang mine.  If you prefer you can always simply attach hanging brackets to the back of the unit.

chalkboard organizer for

 That is all there is to it!  Personalize it,  use it, love it!

Take Luck,


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