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Okay, you guys know I have cats… maybe? and I love them.  Actually I love all pets, and someday I want a farm, with dogs and goats and geese and a pig maybe (but I could never slaughter it) any-hoo, for now it is two cats and two hens…   And when I saw this project I blurted out “Genius!” loudly to my computer screen.   I have seen ideas like this before. but this is the first in blog land and it is a nice surprise project.  Lisa at Recaptured Charm made a great transformation with this old thing.  Check it out!

Alrighty!   It’s time to let the cat out of the bag !
Remember the old cabinet I posted last week , it looked like this.  I must reinforce that this cabinet was really one step from the garbage.  It was cracked everywhere, warped and filled with holes. 
I was waiting for just such a cabinet for this project !
old cabinet 003
Since I didn’t need any of the insides of this cabinet, we cleared out everything, plus the drawers, and just used the drawer fronts.
old cabinet 013
old cabinet 015
The drawer fronts were then applied to this piece of wood, which will later be hinged to the bottom of the cabinet.Old Cabiinet to litterbox 005
Now for a coat of KILZ Primer and a very LIGHT coat of white.  Since this cabinet was in terrible shape there really wasn’t any choice but to treat it as a rustic piece of furniture.  Embrace it’s flaws.
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 004
The previous TIN handles were just NOT gonna cut it!  We couldn’t reuse them if we wanted to.
Because of the nature of this project I really didn’t want to spend any money on it. I searched the garage for something that I could use for handles.  Right in the corner of the garage sat a box  of firewood and branches from the tree in my yard.  How perfect!
wood handle
Well here she is, all dressed her rustic garb.Old Cabiinet to litterbox 025
Isn’t she beautiful ?
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 027
Ok, another angle…
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 026
 But what makes her so different you ask ?
Surely this is just another cabinet… no ?
Lets look from this angle..
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 036
and.. perhaps THIS angle.. Old Cabiinet to litterbox 039
and who’s that going to check it out ??
Hey Coco !
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 043
So lets just turn back the clock a bit.
First we had to make sure there was a vent. Not only to let in a little light but some much needed air.
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 011
Then of course there’s the cat flap, which was the only money I spent on this cabinet.  Around $12.
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 014
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 017
Here’s a peek with me holding up the cat flap for a look inside.
LOVE the cracked floor!
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 024
So there you have it.
The cat is out of the bag!  (or in my case.. the washroom)
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 044
Here was Coco’s litter box before ( I’m ashamed to say), in a bathroom that is desperate need of a makeover.  (That will be coming soon.)
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 053
Old Cabiinet to litterbox 029brighter
**No real, fine furniture was hurt during the making of this project*
***No this is not staying in my front entrance next to my kitchen!!**
What do you think?  
Genius!  (couldn’t help but scream that out again!)

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  1. >We are going to be finishing up our basement remodel soon and there will be no place for our litter either once finished and I`m going to be doing something like this. I never thought to put an actual cat door on the cabinet, what a great idea! I was going to leave it an open hole, but the door would keep some of the odor in. Great project!

  2. >GENIUS!!! I am not a cat person…but if I were….I would so make my husband build me one of these cute little things! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. >OMG!!! Total Genius!! I'm screaming too. :0) This would also be a great setup for tiny doggies like my Miss Morgan, the yorkie..I've seen it done for them where they just lay down the puppy pads in a hidden area…very cool indeed!

    Lisa could start a business just for the tiny doggie owners as well as for the cat owners. ;0)

    I'll have to go visit her blog…

    So glad I stopped by…I wouldn't have wanted to miss this..

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  4. >That is really cleaver. My cats would love that even if it only had their bed in there. They'd love to find a quiet space like that.

  5. >That is crazy clever!!!! I love it! I don't have kittys but if I did, I would have do the same thing!

  6. >I love it.. I wish my cats would use something like that.. but apparently they don't like being in enclosed spaces with stinky liter.

  7. >This? may just be the most incredibly genius thing I have ever seen — you may have just changed my life. LOL 🙂

  8. >If I wasn't head over heels in love with you before I definitely am now! PURE GENIUS!!!

  9. >Hahaha!! I'm laughing at all of your comments. You are all so kind (and very funny!) I'm so glad that you all found it as practical as I did! I cant tell you how CLEEEAN my bathroom is now! Good luck to all of you who make one of these.. you wont be sorry you did.
    I'm just sorry I didnt do it sooner. The vent at the back is very important and lets in all the necessary air. Coco is using it and I think she appreciates the privacy 😉
    Thanks to Remodelaholic for featuring this!
    [email protected]

  10. >Holy Cats, Batgirl! Awesome idea! I have to say though, the only thing I screamed out was, "HONEY! Jump in the car and go buy a cat door, pronto!" Then I started ripping apart my unwanted cabinet…


  11. >! What a great idea 🙂 This is what I would need since I don't have a spot for a litter box!

  12. >The only problem with this is the cats seen it and now I have to run a search 24/7 till I can find a cabinet!!!!!!!!!!

  13. >The epitome of style meets function! Love the handles. Were they just glued on??