Creative Ways to Use Snap It for Finding Paint Colors

Creative Ways to Use Sherwin Williams Snap It! For Choosing Paint Colors.


Hi Remodelaholics! It’s Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange back with my monthly paint color post. If you happened to miss my Color Spotlight post last month on Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron, you can find that post here.


This month, I wanted to share a few creative ways to use the Sherwin Williams paint tool called Snap It, to help with finding just the right paint colors.


Sherwin Williams Snap It! Color Choosing Tool


Snap It! (formerly known as Chip It!) is one of the best tools out there for finding and narrowing down paint colors. I use it all of the time for certain situations when I need to zone in or see the color possibilities for a space.  If you’re not familiar with Snap It, it’s on online website via Sherwin Williams that you simply upload and submit an image and it instantly comes back with a paint color palette of Sherwin Williams paint colors that match or come close to matching.

How to use this FREE online tool to create a color palette from an inspiration picture and use it to make decisions about your decor @Remodelaholic

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Just to really show you what Snap It does, I uploaded this bathroom image from and these are the colors that came back:

Wall paint color is Earl Grey from Sherwin Williams
Wall Color is Earl Grey Sherwin Williams


Creative ways to use Sherwin Williams Snap It tool for finding paint colors.


Keep in mind, Snap It will not come back with exact color matches but it gets you in the zone and great starting point. You can go to the paint store and pull the color but look at similar colors around as well.

Snap It is especially useful if your trying to pick/pull paint colors from fabric as inspiration, like I did below with my fabric for my craft room/office revamp project. This really helped me zone in on the color palette possibilities and see it.

Creative Ways to Use Sherwin Williams Chip It! For Choosing Paint Colors.


As you can see above, I used these colors as my starting point and didn’t veer to far off from it (you can see my fabric on the couch that I used for pillows).

Creative ways to use Sherwin Williams Snap It tool for choosing colors.


Another creative use for Snap It is if you want to pull out close color matches from accessories like a piece of art or a rug. Simply upload an online image of your accessory and see what comes back.  As you can see below, you really can see a wide array of blues with the similar undertones and you can see the possibilities.  Especially if you’re looking for an accent blue wall color or furniture paint color.


Creative ways to use the Snap It online tool for finding paint colors


Snap It can also help if you want to create a color palette based from colors in an environment.   For instance, if I’m looking for a certain coastal color palette for a powder room or another space, I will upload an image from my travels.  As you can see below, Snap It nailed that beautiful green blue and sky blue that I wanted to capture from my trip to Italy.

Creative ways to use the Snap It online tool for finding paint colors


Snap It is just a really great tool to show you the possibilities to consider and to help you narrow your paint color choices. It’s a fantastic starting point.  I use it all the time and it’s become such a great resource for me and I hope you can use it.

Thanks for stopping by today and if you’re looking for more paint color inspiration, you can find me at my blog The Creativity Exchange.




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