Curvaceous Headboard Pattern + DIY French Cleat Instructions

Amy is back again with another great building plan for you — check out her rustic twin headboard plan from earlier in the week. This headboard is easy to make, and easy to customize to exactly what you want just by using a paint, fabric, or wallpaper that you love! And, last chance to come link up at the headboard week party — we’re picking our favorites and we’ll share later today!

I’m Amy from Hertoolbelt, here to share with you a pattern and tutorial for a curvaceous headboard, Oooo la la!  I am in love with the curves of this headboard featured on Better Homes and Gardens, isn’t it gorgeous.  The bright bold colors lighten the room and make it cheery.   Don’t let the curves scare you away from making this beauty, if you can follow a line, you can use a jig saw.  Let’s get building!

BHG bright bedroom curvaceous headboard on


Build a Curvy Headboard + Pattern
by Amy of Her Tool Belt


  • 4′ x 8′ sheet of 3/4″ MDF available at most hardware/lumber stores like Home Depot.
  • Jig saw
  • sand paper
  • Paint, primer, paint brush
  • Level

Step 1

Print Curvaceous headboard pattern, line up the pattern lines (the papers will overlap), and tape the pattern together.

Curvaceous headboard tape pattern together on

Cut out the pattern, this makes 1/2 of the headboard design.

Curvaceous headboard cut out pattern on

Step 2

Cut the sheet of MDF to 64″ wide x 48″ tall.  Mark the top of the cut piece of MDF in the center (32″).  Take the curvaceous headboard pattern and line it up with the top and right side of the MDF piece.  Trace the curves onto the MDF.  Flip the pattern over and line it up with the top and left side of the MDF piece.  Trace the curves onto the MDF.

Step 3

Cut out the curvaceous pattern, a jig saw will be the easiest method to cut the curves.  Lightly sand, smoothing the edges and curves.

Step 4

Working with MDF is wonderful because it’s flat and smooth.  However if you are painting MDF, you HAVE to prime or seal the cut edges really well, because it will suck up your paint.  Use paint primer and prime the headboard, including the edges.  Allow the primer to dry.  Apply a second coat to the edges, and to the body of the headboard if needed, allow the primer to dry.

Paint the headboard 1-2 coats of your favorite paint.  Allow the paint to fully dry.

curvaceous headboard on

 Step 5

Now here is the fun part, making the headboard awesome!  There are tons of different options to decorate your curvaceous headboard.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Apply wallpaper to the front face.  Here is a great Wallpaper tutorial 
  • Paint designs onto the headboard with stencils or use painters tape to create fun geometric patterns.
  • Apply your favorite fabric.  Spray a light coat of spray adhesive onto the headboard front face.  Keep the fabric tight and straight, set the fabric onto the adhesive smoothing out wrinkles or bubbles.
  • Vinyl designs or lettering
  • Upholster the headboard.  Here are fun upholstery tutorials to inspire you.
  • Contact paper
  • Apply a large map or a collage of maps with Mod Podge.  Here is a similar tutorial.

*Tip – if applying wallpaper, paper or fabric to the headboard.  Leave extra paper/fabric over the edge, allow the adhesive to dry, then use a razor blade and trace around the curves for a crisp and clean edge.

Step 6

Attach the headboard to the wall.  A French Cleat is a simple way to mount a headboard to the wall.  You can purchase a French Cleat similar to this one at the hardware store, or you can make your own.

DIY French Cleat

To make your own french cleat, grab a scrap piece of 3/4″  x 4″ piece of wood or buy a 4″ furring strip at the hardware store.   Cut the board to 34″ x 3 1/2″ x 3/4″.  Rip the board down the middle at a 45 deg angle.

DIY french cleat on

Decide how high on the wall you want the headboard, make sure the bottom of the headboard will be lower than the top of the mattress.  From the top of the headboard mark approximately 18″ down.  Find the studs in the wall, try and mount the cleat into at least 2 studs.  Using  2 1/2″ screws, level and attach the cleat onto the wall.

DIY headboard cleat on wall on

Mark the back of the headboard approximately 18″ from the top.  Using 3 or 4 – 1 1/4″ screws, level and attach the other cleat onto the back of the headboard.  Set the headboard onto the wall cleat.  And that’s it, the headboard is mounted to the wall.

DIY headboard attach cleat on

Enjoy your new amazing curvaceous headboard!

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